Transfer Pants: The Way to Easily Transfer as a Wheelchair User

Let’s face it, there are parts of traveling that I don’t like. They are far and few between, and I definitely believe that in the end it’s worth every bit of the hassle, but it can be difficult and I’ll be the first person to admit that. Even though I have flown over a hundred times and even wrote a book about flying as a wheelchair user, the whole “airport shuffle” is still the part of traveling that I dread the most.


I love arriving at the airport, seeing the destination boards, shopping in the stores and even going through security is okay, but actually transferring onto the plane can be a nightmare at times. During the transferring process, which requires me being lifted into an aisle chair and then into the plane seat, I have been pulled, tugged, and nearly dropped many times.


For years I have wished that there was a way to make this transferring process easier… and now there is! The solution is called TransferPants.


 transfer pants for wheelchair user
TransferPants is a U.S. patented device that can help move disabled people easily and efficiently. It puts less strain on the person that is doing the lifting, which means there’s less chance of being dropped and hurt. All TransferPants come with heavy duty nylon handles on each side (at the hip) and there is also a handle on the front and back of the pants. Since these handles are made from nylon, they are inconspicuous, unobtrusive, and won’t be noticed by anyone other than the person that will be doing the lifting. And perhaps most importantly, in regards to comfort, TransferPants have an interior liner that prevents uncomfortable “wedgies”.


 transfer pants for wheelchair user
When I’m transferring into the aisle chair and then into the plane seat, I usually have one person behind me and another person in front of me to do the lifting. The person behind me gets under my arms and squeezes my chest and the one in front gets under my knees. When they lift under my arms it is quite painful, which is why I dread being transferred. I then get tossed into the seat rather quickly and usually I’m not sitting upright correctly.


TransferPants would make this process much easier. The person behind me could grip the back and side handle on the pants and lift me up gently and safely into my seat. This would put a lot less strain on not only the one that is lifting me, but also on my arms and shoulders. What a life-changer! Check out this video to see TransferPants in action –


TransferPants are currently available in black for $79.99 (with free shipping), but the company is working to bring out many more products and colors with their Indiegogo campaign. The pants are also 100% guaranteed, so if you don’t like them for some reason (but I’m sure this won’t be the case) you can return them.
Wearing TransferPants on flying days could definitely be a huge help, but they’re also great for everyday wear. Maybe you’re like me and never sit on the couch because it’s too much of a hassle actually getting on. Just put on your TransferPants and you can sit anywhere with a bit of assistance.
*To learn more about TransferPants, visit their website or Facebook page now. After you order some and try them out, let me know your thoughts as well!