Top 5 Wheelchair Friendly Reasons to Visit Barbados

The Caribbean may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think about wheelchair accessible destinations. But, this cluster of islands has some wheelchair-friendly tours and attractions, plus kind locals – who are approachable and willing to lend a hand when you need it. If you’re considering a Caribbean getaway, then why not choose Barbados? Here are a few wheelchair-friendly things to see and do, which make Barbados holidays in the Caribbean more than feasible.


1. The UNESCO World Heritage Capital of Bridgetown


Bridgetown - Chamberlain Bridge. Image by Roger W used under Creative Commons license.

Bridgetown – Chamberlain Bridge. Image by Roger W used under Creative Commons license.

Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados, is one of the Caribbean’s most attractive cities, and due to its rich history and many heritage buildings it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city’s most iconic landmarks can be found in The Garrison, and include the Chamberlain Bridge, National Heroes Square, and the Parliament Building.

Some of the roads, walkways, and tourist attractions in the capital are wheelchair friendly, though sidewalks can at times get narrow. It’s also possible to book tours around the UNESCO site for those who would feel more confident travelling in a car or a van.

Hot Tip – Be sure to visit the area of Hastings in Bridgetown, where there is a picturesque wheelchair-friendly boardwalk running along the beachfront.


2. Serene Wild Beaches and Surf

The beaches of the Caribbean are known for being some of the world’s most tranquil and pristine, and Barbados has plenty to offer when it comes to crystal-clear waters, sandy coves, beachside bars and sea-life. But – unlike many of the other Caribbean Islands – Barbados is also home to a more wild and untamed east coast, where visitors can easily escape for some peace and quiet.

For those staying along the south coast, Accra Beach (Rockley Beach) has easy wheelchair access and top amenities, as do the majority of local beachfront hotels and resorts, which sometimes provide wheelchair rentals for convenience. If you’re looking for an accessible all-inclusive resort, consider staying at Sandals Barbados.


3. Delicious Barbados Cuisine

One of the best parts of travelling to the Caribbean is getting the chance to discover the tasty local cuisine, and the food and drink in Barbados will leave you craving a return visit. With a mix of African, Indian, and British influences, dishes of meat and fish are marinated in herbs and spices and served alongside hot side dishes and cool salads. Fried or grilled kingfish, swordfish, mahi mahi, stewed or barbecued lamb and pork chops are just a few of the dishes to enjoy, and some of the sauces are first-class too.


4. Local Marine Life on a Boat Tour

If you’re after a more adventurous experience, then consider taking a boat tour during your stay in Barbados. Local tours can take you past sites like famous shipwrecks and offer the opportunity to spot local marine life, including sea turtles, dolphins, and manta rays. While not all boat tours offer wheelchair access there are plenty that do, so be sure to ask before booking.


5. Harrison’s Cave


Harrison's Cave, Barbados. Image by Loozrboy used under Creative Commons license.

Harrison’s Cave, Barbados. Image by Loozrboy used under Creative Commons license.

Considered one of Barbados’ most popular tourist attractions, Harrison’s Cave is a crystallised limestone cavern that features underground streams, pools and a lake, as well as strange formations such as white flow stones and speleothems, which decorate the cavern’s walls and ceiling. The site is wheelchair accessible, and also includes a pick-up service to bring you to and from the caves for a few hours of exploring with a guide.

Begin planning your Barbados adventure today, and you’ll soon be discovering all that this wonderful Caribbean Isle has to offer.


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    Hi Cory, i am going to barbados i have been there before but i wasnt disabled then, can you give me any info on cool runnings i like the party ships for the music and atmosphere although im 80 next year i dont feel it please can you give me info on oistens ect , i will be staying in st lawrence gap x

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