The Freedom Chair: A Special Wheelchair for the Outdoors and More

Imagine this scenario for a moment. You are in your hotel room in stunning Sydney, Australia and your room happens to have an incredible view because it’s on one of the upper floors. You peacefully go to bed after a long day of exploring the city, but at 2:30 AM you are awoken by a fire alarm. You quickly transfer from the bed to your powered wheelchair to escape the building, but the elevator is out of service due to the alarm. What now??


If this story seems a bit unrealistic, I can promise you that it is not. This scenario actually happened to me a couple years ago in Sydney. In a panic, as soon as I was about to be carried/thrown down six flights of stairs, we luckily found out that it was a false alarm. But what if it wouldn’t have been false? What would I have done and how would I have safely gotten out? This is something that I’ve thought of ever since that night and since it is not always possible to get a room on the bottom floor, there needs to be a solution. Well, I’m happy to say that now there is a safe solution – the Freedom Chair!


 freedom chair evacuation beach wheelchair


The Freedom Chair has several purposes and can be used by people for a wide variety of experiences (we’ll get to more in a bit), but having evacuation chairs in buildings greatly reduces liability exposure by providing quick and easy means of evacuation for people with special needs. The chair comes with front, back, and side handles so that up to six people can carry it, but it could easily be done with less people. To make it an even easier process, the chair is lightweight at just 23 pounds and folds flat for easy storage and transportation. This is a device that every hotel and business needs in case of an emergency. Check out this video to see the Freedom Chair going up and down steps –

Now that you have seen that the Freedom Chair would come in handy during emergencies, let’s talk about some of the more fun and enjoyable ways that the chair can benefit you.

Are you planning on going to the beach this summer? As a wheelchair user, I know how difficult it can be to find a beach wheelchair and how expensive it can be to rent one. For less than the price of renting a beach wheelchair for your two week vacation, you can buy the Freedom Chair. With the special beach tires, you can roll in the sand and enjoy the sound of the waves up close. What makes the Freedom Chair especially great is that it can fold up into the back of your car, unlike all of those big and bulky chairs that we so often see. Check out this video to see the chair in action on the beach –

The Freedom Chair can also be used on hiking trips or in any outdoor environment that might be tricky for your regular wheelchair. It is a wonderful investment whether you are keen to explore the outdoors, feel the sand between your toes, or make your business a little safer with an evacuation chair.

To learn more about the Freedom Chair, check out this website or call 707-523-7535.


*I was compensated for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.




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