Discovering Handiscover – An Airbnb for People with Limited Mobility

This guesthouse in South Africa is wheelchair accessible with a roll in shower.

For most people, booking accommodations within a destination is a pretty straightforward and simple process. You get online, search for hotels, find one that looks nice and has a decent price, and then book it. However, for wheelchair users, booking accommodations can be daunting. It usually takes multiple calls to the hotel to truly find out how accessible it is, and then once you actually arrive to the hotel it still may not be fully accessible like you were promised. This has happened to me more times than I can even remember and I always wished that hotels would really be accessible when they say they are. Well, now they can be thanks to Handiscover!


handiscover wheelchair accessible airbnb

Visit incredible destinations such as Barcelona, Spain with Handiscover!


Handiscover is an easy and modern booking site for travelers with limited mobility, and it’s basically like Airbnb for accessible travel. It was founded by Sebastien Archambeaud after he struggled to find accessible accommodations for his son, who has a muscle disease. It’s always great to book with a company that truly understands what accessibility looks like and what accessibility means. For this reason, Handiscover has developed a rating system for all properties listed on their website. There are three different levels of accessibility and here is what each level means:


Level 1 – You can walk and climb a few stairs. The accommodation has a maximum of 15 steps.

Level 2 – You can manage one step (approximately 6 inches) at a time. The accommodation is suitable for some wheelchair users.

Level 3 – You need the accommodation to be fully wheelchair accessible. Thresholds are a maximum of 1 inch. Suitable for powered wheelchair users.

Thanks to this unique and detailed classification system, you can choose accommodations according to your level of mobility. Just so that you can be 100% confident that the apartment, hotel or B&B room that you book meets your needs, the money will not be released to the host until 24 hours after check-in. If you have any problems, contact Handiscover immediately and they will work to solve any issues.


handiscover wheelchair accessible airbnb

One of the beautiful accessible rooms that are available.


Whether you are looking to visit the UK, France, Spain, or even explore the Southern Hemisphere in South Africa, there are more than 1,000 accessible accommodations all around the world listed on Handiscover. If your desired destination isn’t listed yet, just send them an email and they will help you out or keep checking back because new places are constantly added on the site. Alternatively, if you’d like to list your property on the site, become a host so that when you are away, your home can receive others with limited mobility and you’ll be able to finance your next vacation a little quicker!

To start planning your next trip and ensure a truly wheelchair accessible experience upon arrival, check out Handiscover by clicking here. You can also find Handiscover on Facebook or on Twitter.

*I was compensated for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I love showing you guys new resources to make traveling as a wheelchair user a bit easier.


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