‘Twas the trip before Christmas…


My mom and I wrote this travel themed version of the classic “‘Twas the night before Christmas”. If you’d like to see me reading it on video, scroll to the bottom of this post. Enjoy!!


‘Twas the trip before Christmas when all through my mind,
I was anxiously awaiting of what my expectations would find.
The bags were packed by the door with care,
With excitement that our journey soon would be there.

The adapters were packed all snug in the case,
And off to the airport soon I would race.
With the car packed full and I in my splendor,
I was more than ready for a holiday this winter.

When from my alarm there arose such a sound,
I sprang from my bed for the journey abound.
Away to the airport I drove in a flash,
Opened my passport and exchanged my cash.

The line at security was quite the show,
But with a quick pat-down I was ready to go.
When what to my gleaming eyes should appear,
But a destination board with many possibilities so near.

With a 747 we would get there so quick,
And a pop of a Dramamine we will not get sick.
More rapid than eagles to the clouds we came,
I squealed and I shouted, calling cities by name.

“Now Paris, now Sydney!
Now Vegas and Berlin!
On London, on Tel Aviv!
On Rio and Tallinn!”

To the top of the clouds to the top of the world,
Now fly away, fly away, fly away all!

As the engines roar and us passengers fly,
“Will the time ever pass?” with anticipation I cry.
Finally I heard that we had began our descent,
And out of the plane we so rapidly went.

Then, in a jiffy, my luggage came ’round,
And off to my taxi I rushed with abound.
As we drove in the city I looked all around,
Another beautiful place my wanderlust had found.

The hotel was five star, as I dreamed it would be,
But there was no time to sleep; too many things to see.
The hustle and bustle in the streets was thick,
Just enjoying every moment as the clock did tick.

The city lights, how they twinkled, it’s people so kind,
Sharing their culture and expanding my mind.
I learned of their history and their customs so clear,
And enjoyed their stories, their mannerisms so dear.

The vast landscapes were mountainous and lush,
Encircling the scenery, making this place a must.
It had a bit of charm and everything you’d seek,
From the land to the sea to the top of each peak.

My itinerary was packed, each hour was filled.
With so much to see, this traveler was thrilled.
With foods to sample and adventures to be had,
What more could I ask for? Who wouldn’t be glad?

I came, I saw, and my trip was complete.
With plentiful memories, I enjoyed this retreat.
Back to the airport I grudgingly went,
Replaying in my mind each exciting event.

We boarded the plane and smiled in our hearts.
What a trip this had been, another fulfilling depart.
I began to exclaim as we flew out of sight,
“Happy travels to all and to all a safe flight!”