Simple Tips for Booking an Accessible Hotel

Booking travel plans can already be difficult enough, and it adds one more layer of complexity if you need an accessible room or an accessible hotel. You might wonder how you can make the right choice when it comes to accessibility in your accommodations, and also how you can find the best deals.

The following are some things to consider when booking accessible accommodations for your next trip.


Start Your Research Online

Before you go too far into the booking process, you can start your hotel research online. This isn’t all you’ll need to do before you can find an accessible room in most cases, but it’s a good place to start. This also gives you a price comparison point to begin, so if you’re looking at Yatra offers, for example, you will get an idea of how much different types of rooms cost.

Then, you can make a shortlist of hotels you’d like to consider.

Some travel sites might have options to filter your results for accessibility, but you may need to go a few steps further with your research and booking.


Call The Hotel Directly

If you’re looking for an accessible hotel, it’s a good rule of thumb to call the hotel directly before finalizing a booking, particularly if you’re traveling internationally.

The concept of accessibility can vary significantly between countries, and you want to make sure you’re clear on the details of a hotel before committing.

You should ask not just about the specific accessible features of the rooms you’re looking at, but also the overall accessibility of the hotel itself.

Not all countries have rigorous accessibility laws like what are seen in the U.S., for example.


Go With Larger Chains

If accessibility is something you need in your lodgings, it can be a good idea to go with a more major chain. These chains are typically more equipped to have the necessary accessibility features, and they also tend to do more frequent renovations to make sure everything is updated and meets standards.

If a big chain isn’t an option, newer hotels are also often going to be better equipped to meet a wide variety of needs.


Access All Rooms

A useful tool to book your accommodations is called Access All Rooms. This online portal provides simplified access to the world’s top accessible hotels and resorts, and what’s also great is that it features deals not available on most other travel sites.

You can enter your destination, the star rating you’d ideally like, and you can specify your impairment so that you’ll be matched with the best possible options.

All of the hotels listed have high levels of accessibility and wheelchair access, and they are also rated based on the Global Access Award Scheme.


In some cases booking an accessible hotel can require a bit more time and legwork, but with the rise of sites such as Access All Rooms, it is getting a bit easier to find the right accommodations.