5 of the Best Wheelchair Accessible Hotels in Paris, France

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Paris, France is known for its beautiful architecture, delicious food and wine, and a multitude of charming shops just waiting to be browsed through. It’s not unusual at all for people to list traveling to Paris on their bucket list. It’s been displayed in movies, photographs, and songs. You are certainly not alone if you’re hoping to explore the city of love!

If you have to use a wheelchair to get around, your first thought might be that Paris is not the most accessible city in the world. While you are correct in that assumption, accessibility has gotten better in recent years and it is definitely possible to visit this charming city. Just do a bit of research in order to figure out a plan of where to go and what you want to do.

I’ve done a bit of that preparation for you by choosing 5 of the very best wheelchair accessible hotels in Paris France. Read below to learn a bit about their accommodations so you can easily decide which is best for you and your traveling companions.


wheelchair accessible hotels in paris france

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Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris


Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris Hotel is a beautiful hotel well worth visiting! It was first opened in the 1930s. It features spacious rooms and suites, a cinema, an art gallery, spa, pool, and more! It’s an elegant, sophisticated place to spend some time relaxing in beautiful Paris. The hotel is conveniently within rolling distance of the Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe! Both are accessible by wheelchair.

The Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris Hotel has elevators, which bring guests to rooms, the spa, and the pool. There are wheelchair accessible rooms with roll-in showers. The rooms for wheelchair users are located close to the elevator for easy access. The pool does not have a lift, but a lifeguard can assist guests with getting into the pool if desired. All of the hotel restaurants are accessible by wheelchair.

Since you will be staying in the lap of luxury, you can expect to pay a steep price of around $1,000 per night, although the prices can change depending on the time of year and type of room.

Check prices at Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris Hotel by clicking here.


The Hotel du Vieux Saule


The Hotel du Vieux Saule is another excellent choice of a place to stay in Paris. They offer a buffet breakfast or a continental breakfast brought to your room, free wifi, a relaxation area, and private parking! The hotel is situated in the beautiful center of Paris. You can easily roll your wheelchair to all sorts of places! For example, you can easily reach the Place de Vosges or Notre Dame from the hotel within a few minutes.

The hotel has a wheelchair accessible room that is positioned on the ground floor. It has a very large shower equipped with a chair but is not roll-in. The hotel has a sauna rather than a pool so there is no need for a pool lift.

You can plan to pay around $130 per night depending on the season and room.

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The Central Hotel


The Central Hotel is just where it sounds like it is: the center of Paris! It’s situated on a quiet street in Paris, just minutes away from all sorts of beautiful historical sites. It is very near Montparnasse main railway station, Air France shuttle, Metro and bus lines. You can easily explore the city from the lovely hotel base!

The hotel has a room that is wheelchair accessible. The room has a roll-in shower to make your stay as simple as possible. The hotel does not have a pool. The staff at the hotel are friendly and always looking for ways to make your stay more comfortable! They offer breakfast every morning in their breakfast room where you’ll find delicious hot drinks and croissants along with a delicious buffet.

Plan to pay around $110 per night, although the price can vary.

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wheelchair accessible hotels in paris france

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The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal


The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal provides a lovely, luxurious setting for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful city of Paris. Along with comfortable rooms, they offer dining options, complimentary internet, a complimentary buffet breakfast for two daily, a daily complimentary newspaper, a wheelchair accessible spa, and a fitness center. The hotel is located in the middle of Paris. It’s easy to reach a variety of places! You can walk to the Louvre Museum just five minutes away from the hotel.

The hotel has wheelchair accessible rooms with roll-in showers. They have elevators large enough to accommodate wheelchairs so no worries about getting around inside the hotel! Their staff are always looking for ways to assist and would be more than happy to answer your questions or help in any way possible.

Expect to pay quite a lot for this exceptional service. It is around $900 per night, depending on the room and the time of year.

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The Hotel Fabric


The Hotel Fabric offers a comfortable stay to all guests. They combine the soul of yesterday with the spirit of today to give you the best possible mix for your time in Paris.

The hotel is conveniently located 15 minutes away from the Marais area, which is surrounded by museums and shops. They are also near the Republic Square and Bastille Square.

They have wheelchair accessible rooms with roll-in showers. They also have wheelchair accessible elevators, but do not have a pool. If you’d like to stay at the Hotel Fabric, plan to spend around $300 per night, depending on the season.

Check prices at The Hotel Fabric by clicking here.


Going to Paris is incredible enough, add in any of these hotels and you’ll have memories stored up of the amazing trip for a lifetime. Consider even visiting more than one hotel! They each offer their own way of making your time spent in France unforgettable.

Don’t let your wheelchair stop you! Start planning your trip and get ready for an amazing vacation. Decide which parts of the city you want to see and book whichever hotels are nearest those places. Paris is waiting for you!



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