On Four Wheels in Majorca: What to Experience as a Wheelchair User

From the moment you arrive on the island, Majorca sets out to impress you with its beaches and puts you on the fast track to relaxation. That’s easier said than done, however, if the visitor has any disabilities that can impair their Majorca experience. Below are a couple of spots that fare well when it comes to accommodating the disabled and you may wish to try them.


Puerto de Pollensa

Puerto de Pollensa, a port town located approximately 6 miles from the town of Pollensa, lends itself well to disabled travelers. The public pool is fitted with a pool hoist so that people with walking difficulties can enter the pool easily and enjoy a good soak and cool off in the heat.

The town is mostly pedestrianized and accessible, with plenty of shops and restaurants. Many cafes and restaurants spare you the hassle of tackling stairs by placing their toilets on the ground floor. If you’re planning to cram in a spot of sunbathing while you’re in Puerto de Pollensa – of course you are! –the beach has a wooden walkway, making the beach much more accessible. There’s no reason for you not to savor the sunshine or bag a few souvenirs!

If this all sounds appealing, you can choose some relaxing accommodation since there are some very nice places to stay in Puerto de Pollensa. The villas are large and feature bedrooms on both floors, allowing you to stay on ground level rather than forcing you to go up the stairs to your quarters.




 wheelchair access majorca

Situated in the north of the island, Alcudia has something of an old town feel about it, with all its churches, its market and the general laidback vibe, and when you arrive in Alcudia you’ll find yourself wanting to explore. Alcudia makes this a straightforward experience for the less able-bodied since this town is quite flat, although you may require some help on some of the older streets, where the pavements are a little less smooth. In parking areas, you’ll find designated disabled spaces, which you can use if you have a badge that confirms you’re a disabled driver.

One of Alcudia’s main beaches, the Playa de Muro, has also made efforts to accommodate wheelchair users. During the summer, there is also an all-day chair service for people who wish to bathe in the sea but have physical limitations. If you happen to take a break from the beach for something to eat or drink, you’ll see that bars often have an outdoor area, which allows you to move tables and chairs around for greater comfort at the table.


Colònia de Sant Jordi


 wheelchair access majorca


Another of the more wheelchair friendly places in Majorca is the resort of Colònia de Sant Jordi, which sits on the south-east coast of the island. Once a fishing colony, the resort’s Paseo Marítimo is a dream for wheelchair users. You can roll along the seafront, up to the lighthouse and also around the beach, which makes your visit all the more enjoyable.

The other impressive part of the resort, if you have difficulty walking, is the Centre d’Interpretació de Cabrera. Spread across three different floors, this center is a blend of aquarium, culture and stunning architecture. The ramp circles round the inside of the building, allowing you to access all three floors, and if you don’t feel like the graft of wheeling up and down between floors, you can use the elevator. There are also several wooden walkways on the outside of the building so you can explore the gardens. The other good news is, admission is free!

The island of Majorca embraces tourism and works hard to make visitors with any physical limitations feel right at home, by providing beaches with walkways, plus equipping them with facilities such as specially designed chairs to help them bathe in comfort and get the best out of their beach experience in Majorca. Accommodation on the island also responds to the needs of disabled travelers, allowing them to have a fantastic holiday whether they’re out and about, or just chilling out.

*Images by guillemrossello and Walkerssk, used under CC license 1.0; and EdgarJa, used under CC license SA 2.0