5 of the Best Wheelchair Accessible Hotels in Tokyo, Japan

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Have you ever been to Japan? If not, definitely consider it! Tokyo is a beautiful mix of a historic culture and highly modern society. They have beautiful scenery, old temples, delicious sushi, and ramen so delicious that it puts the American college student’s ramen diet to shame. wheelchair accessible hotels in tokyo japan

Whether you’re in a wheelchair or not, Tokyo, Japan is an amazing place to visit! The city has an abundance to offer all its visitors. You won’t be sorry you visited! The people are some of the kindest, most polite people you’ll meet anywhere in the world. It’s such an enjoyable place to experience!

Some of the best wheelchair accessible hotels in Tokyo are listed below. There’s something for everyone!


The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo


wheelchair accessible hotels in tokyo japan

Image courtesy of Toomore Chiang via Flickr


If you’re looking for luxury, look no further than the Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo Hotel! It was renovated and reopened in 2013. It is not only recognized internationally but also became the very first hotel in Japan to become a member of the Autograph Collection of Hotels.

The hotel has one wheelchair accessible room with twin beds. It has a roll-in shower and a shower chair. All areas of the hotel are accessible to wheelchair users, and they allow service dogs throughout the whole hotel. The hotel does not have a regular pool but does have a whirlpool. The whirlpool, however, does not appear to have a pool lift.

It’s not only a beautiful place to stay, complete with a spacious garden, but it’s also a convenient location since it is only a short 3-minute walk from Shinagawa Station. Plan to pay around $320 per night.

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Toyoko Inn – Akigawa-Eki Kita-Guchi


If you’re hoping to find a convenient hotel, Akigawa-Eki Kita-Guchi is a great choice! It is just a one minute walk from JR Akigawa Station.

The hotel has a roll-in shower along with several nice services. One thing the hotel offers is to rearrange room furniture upon request. They also offer to open and close curtains to make things easier for you. The hotel does not have a pool.

Different times of the year can change room prices. Expect to pay around $86 per room per night depending on the season.

Check prices at Toyoko Inn Akigawa-Eki Kita-Guchi by clicking here.


Toyoko Inn – Nihonbashi Hamacho Meijiza Mae


This next hotel is close to lots of different train lines! It makes it easy to get around anywhere you’d like. The hotel even has a free shuttle bus from Tokyo Station.

One interesting feature of this hotel is that the toilet and sink are separate from the bathing room. It’s helpful since more than one person can get ready at once! They have roll-in showers and offer to let you borrow a shower chair and non-slip mat. There is no pool in the hotel.

Their prices are around $91 per night depending on when you plan to stay there.

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Shinbashi Atagoyama Tokyu REI Hotel


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower


If you’d like to check out Tokyo Tower, Zojoji temple, or the Hama-Rikyu Gardens, this hotel would be an excellent choice for you! Not only is the hotel near those attractions, it’s also just a 10-minute walk from Shimbashi Station and the Yamanote Line, giving you easy access all over the city.

They have one wheelchair accessible room that they call a “barrier free room.” It has twin beds in the bedroom. The bathroom has handrails. A shower chair and transfer board are available upon request. The bathroom does not have a roll-in shower, but the bathroom floor is one that allows for you to shower next to the bathtub.

Plan to pay around $130 per night depending on the day and room.

Check prices at Shinbashi Atagoyama Tokyu REI Hotel by clicking here.


Park Hotel Tokyo


Our last option is the gorgeous Park Hotel in Tokyo. It is situated right in the center of business and culture in Shiodome. They have all sorts of nearby attractions including the Tokyo Skytree and Tsukiji Fish Market.

All parts of the hotel are accessible by wheelchair, and guide dogs are accepted everywhere throughout the hotel. There is a wheelchair accessible twin room that is situated very near an elevator. The room does not have a roll-in shower, but it does have an available shower chair that can be placed in or beside the bathtub. There is no pool.

Plan to pay around $236 per night depending on when you choose to travel.

Check prices at Park Hotel Tokyo by clicking here.

This is making me want to catch a flight out to Tokyo right now! The food, culture, and amenities make for a relaxing vacation. If you’ve been letting your wheelchair keep you at home, don’t continue allowing it to have that power. Just because you have a wheelchair definitely doesn’t mean you can’t visit Tokyo. After all, with the information in this article, you could already have your hotel picked out!

Give yourself a chance to go explore! Tokyo is an incredible city in a lovely country. You won’t regret visiting it!

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