5 of the Best Wheelchair Accessible Places to Stay in Dublin, Ireland

Have you ever been to Ireland? Would you like to go? If it isn’t your first choice for a vacation destination, take a minute to explore what the country has to offer. It would be an incredible place to spend your vacation days!

What do you like to do while traveling? If one of your favorite activities is exploring museums, you’re in luck! Dublin, Ireland’s major museums and galleries are mostly all free to enter. They also have all sorts of beautiful libraries, churches, castles, and other lovely historical sites well worth checking out. They also have delicious food, good beer, lovely scenery, and friendly people.

Don’t worry if you’re in a wheelchair! You can have as much fun as people without a wheelchair on your disabled holidays. Ireland is such a nice place to visit and there are plenty of wheelchair accessible hotels! Dublin wants to welcome everyone with open arms. Go immerse yourself in the Irish culture and enjoy all the historic beauty that’s available! Some of the best hotels in Dublin, Ireland, that also happen to be wheelchair accessible hotels in Dublin, are listed below.


Trinity College in Dublin

Trinity College in Dublin


Red Cow Moran Hotel

This four-star hotel is conveniently situated at the Red Cow Intersection. It’s near an airport as well as train stations. It’s a perfect place to base yourself as you explore Dublin and the rest of the countryside surrounding the city! It’s near plenty of attractions and allows you to easily travel around.

The hotel has rooms with roll-in showers. It also has disabled parking available at the front of the hotel for those traveling by car. If you have any other requests, be sure to ask the hotel representative who assists you with your booking.

Expect to pay around $205 per night, depending on when you book the room.

Check prices at Red Cow Moran Hotel by clicking here.


Portmarnock Hotel


wheelchair accessible hotels in dublin ireland

Image courtesy of David Corcoran via Flickr


If you’re looking for a hotel on the coast, Portmarnock Hotel is for you! It’s a four-star hotel just fifteen minutes from Dublin’s airport. With the beautiful coastline, it’s a perfect place for a romantic getaway or even a wedding!

The hotel has three wheelchair accessible rooms in the building, along with roll-in showers for your convenience. The rooms are beautiful, spacious, and have amazing views of the water and countryside. They are designed for your comfort and enjoyment as you stay at Portmarnock.

Depending on when you plan to travel, you’ll likely need to pay around $240 a night.

Check prices at Portmarnock Hotel by clicking here.


Pembroke Townhouse

If you’d like a place to stay with modern conveniences along with a good dose of real Irish hospitality, this guesthouse would be a perfect place for you! It is a 15-minute stroll away from the center of Dublin down a beautiful tree lined avenue.

The townhouse has two wheelchair accessible rooms along with roll-in showers. They want you to feel at home! If you need anything at all, feel free to ask the staff. They are available and eager to assist you 24 hours a day. They encourage you to raid the larder for homemade cookies anytime, day or night! The drawing room also has wine and tea.

Plan to pay around $250 per night, depending on when you are hoping to travel.

Check prices at Pembroke Townhouse by clicking here.


Image courtesy of Giuseppe Milo via Flickr

Image courtesy of Giuseppe Milo via Flickr


Rathsallagh House

Do you like the idea of exploring Dublin, but prefer to stay in areas that are less populated? You would love Rathsallagh House! It’s an old country house and golf club, located just 30 miles from Dublin in a secluded area by the beautiful Wicklow Mountains. Rathsallagh is a place of simple comforts, kind hospitality, and Irish country house cuisine at its very best.

The rooms have large beds and lovely bathrooms. They are comfortable with under floor heating and have views that overlook their walled gardens. The food produced in Rathsallagh’s kitchen are delicious blends of traditional dishes with modern flavors made from their own home grown produce. They’ve won national awards four different times for their breakfasts! They have one bedroom that is completely wheelchair accessible. That room does have a roll-in shower.

Expect to pay around $280 per night, depending on the season during which you are traveling.

Check prices at Rathsallagh House by clicking here.


Clontarf Castle Hotel


wheelchair accessible hotels in dublin ireland

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How would you like to stay in a castle that was built in 1172? For real? Yes! Clontarf Castle was built back in 1172 by the Norman adventurer, Hugh de Lacy. It was rebuilt in 1837, then opened as a four-star hotel in 1998. It is just two miles from the center of Dublin, providing you the perfect place to stay while exploring the rest of the city and countryside.

The hotel has rooms with large comfortable beds, traditional Irish decor, and roll-in showers in the two wheelchair accessible rooms. It offers a delightful blend of history and modern comfort.

Depending on the time of year and day you choose to come on, plan to pay around $285 per night.

Check prices at Clontarf Castle Hotel by clicking here.


Wouldn’t it be lovely to be in Dublin right now? I would so love to be in a castle, getting ready to go out for some delicious traditional Irish food. You could be there in hardly any time at all though! Whether your style is to stay in a fancy castle, a cozy guesthouse, or a modern hotel, Dublin has you covered.

Are you ready to go make some fantastic memories? I know I am! Dublin is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to Ireland. The city has so much to offer, starting with these fantastic places to stay! I’m sure you’ll love it if you give yourself a chance to visit the city.

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