Top Tips For Embarking On An RV Road Trip With A Disability

You may believe that having a physical disability or having a family member with a disability means that you won’t be able to embark on a fun family RV road trip, but the reality is that just the opposite is true.

Tens of thousands of physically disabled people travel each year, and many of those travels aren’t just RV trips, but intercontinental flights out of North America as well.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenges if you are physically disabled and embark on an RV road trip, but by anticipating those challenges and coming up with solutions to get around them, you will be able to minimize the effects they have on your trip. The result is you’ll enjoy a road trip that’s more fun, but more safe as well. Also, if you’re looking for advice for buying travel insurance, I would heavily recommend getting it for any RV road trips. As they say, “better safe than sorry”!

Here are the top tips for embarking on an RV road trip with a disability:

Plan Your Route(s) Carefully

Carefully planning out your route is something that you should do before an RV road trip regardless of your condition, but in the case of being physically disabled, you have to take the extra step of researching routes and destinations that include flat terrain, smooth surfaces, few stairs, and wheelchair ramps. You may also want to create a road trip packing list in the months leading up to your trip.

For example, if you’re going to be staying at a campground in your RV, you’re going to need to confirm that the campground doesn’t have lots of steeps hills or rocky terrain, as well as accessible entrances to buildings and amenities.

Find A Suitable RV

If you already have an RV that works for you, you can skip this step. But if you don’t, you need to find an RV that can accommodate your physical disability or that can be easily modified to accommodate you. Outdoorsy has a brief but informative article on finding the best RV for you.

Travel With Someone Who Can Help You

Regardless of how well planned your trip is, it’s still important that you bring someone with you will be able to help you should you run into any issues. The last thing you want is for an unexpected and seemingly minor event to turn into a big problem that ruins your whole trip.

Bring Backup Equipment

If your disability requires you to use any equipment, such as a wheelchair, then it’s important that you either bring a backup piece of that equipment or spare parts for you to make a repair (or both).

Enjoy Yourself

Last but not least, RV road trips are meant to be fun and a time to forge happy memories. Enjoy yourself and find fun activities that you will be able to do with those who join you on the trip. Even if you aren’t able to go biking or on a hike, you may be able to go fishing so dont forget to bring your own fishing reels, for example.

Traveling With A Disability

As you can hopefully see, traveling on an RV road trip is perfectly possible for anyone with a physical disability.

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