Wheelchair Accessible Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore, being one of the most progressive countries in the world today, provides a lot of opportunities for people from all walks of life. The country has created systems and programs for businesses to thrive fairly and properly. This country has also boosted tourism by opening up world-class attractions like zoos and parks.

Staying true to its obligation to the people, this nation has built itself to be friendly to all kinds of tourists. The country recognizes the fact that physical limitations may cause people to live a sedentary lifestyle, so it has created ways for tourists to enjoy their trip even if the tourist is dependent on a wheelchair.

  1.   Shop at Vivocity

In Singapore, there is nothing stopping wheelchair users from enjoying the thrill of shopping again. With wheelchair-friendly malls such as Vivocity just around the corner, wheelchair users, both tourists and residents, can access a wide variety of shops to buy from.

  1.   Ride the Singapore Flyer

Rivaling England’s London Eye, the flyer is one of the country’s famed attractions. Standing at 165 meters, the flyer was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world until just recently. Riding this is the perfect opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the city and be mesmerized by it.

  1.   Roam the Zoo

Priding itself as one of the most natural zoos in the world, the Zoo houses more than 2800 animals representing about 300 species. The zoo occupies 28 hectares of land, and due to efforts, 90% of the park is accessible to people in wheelchairs. The zoo has expanded so that it can accommodate the Night Safari, as well as the Jurong Bird Park.

  1.   Stay in wheelchair-friendly hotels

For tourists who are taking a trip to Singapore, these hotels are everywhere around the city. Aside from serving world-class food and top hospitality, hotels like the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel and Sentosa Cove provide wheelchair users with prime privilege by offering wheelchair-friendly rooms and wheelchair rentals.

  1.   Learn in Museums

For history lovers and enthusiasts, or people who just want to know the place better, there are a number of museums in the city which are wheelchair friendly. The entire building of the National Museum of Singapore was created for wheelchair users and even provides discounts as well as free admissions to residents. Other museums that one can go to in this nation are the Asian Civilizations Museum, Peranakan Museum, and the Singapore Art Museum.

Aside from the attractions and accommodations, travelling around the country is also friendly for wheelchair users. Trains, pathways, and sidewalks are well-equipped to accommodate wheelchair users as well as sight impaired residents. And as far as flights go, they can be quite expensive depending on where you’re coming from, but you should view the Singapore airlines coupon code in case there’s a discount.

There are a lot of things to enjoy and many attractions to see in Singapore. Physical limitations brought about by old age or other reasons may hinder people, but through these attractions, these limits are transcended.