Top 4 Must-Have Wheelchair Accessories and Upgrades Before Your Next Trip

Today’s focus is on your wheelchair. Depending on how long you’ve had it, you might not know that there’s an entire range of wheelchair add-ons to improve its performance and enhance your mobility freedom. From athletics to aesthetics, we present this list of top 4 must-have wheelchair accessories and upgrades.

The sky’s the limit with the number of options available to customize your wheelchair or powerchair to fit your lifestyle. When you personalize your mobility solution, a whole new world of possibilities will open with respect to comfort, design, and convenience.

The best part is that you can install most of these accessories, add-ons, and upgrades with a few simple adjustments before your next big trip — and without the assistance and expense of a technician. New technologies can help you to make your wheelchair or powerchair safer, more attractive, and more versatile.


1. Comfort accessories: Keeping your hands and bottom happier

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For those that spend most of their time in their wheelchair or powerchair, accessories that maximize comfort are a must. Look for wheelchair accessories that reduce the stress on your hands and your bottom — the two most critical aspects of mobility comfort. Advances in comfortable cover and filler materials include spandex and gel.

Some comfort-enhancing wheelchair or powerchair upgrades include:

  • Gel padded gloves. Light, durable, and breathable materials include thumb wipe area, high-density vibration absorption pads, and reflective safety strap
  • Wheelchair seat cushion cover. Quality spandex cover and non-stick fabric to prevent slippage — available in a variety of exciting colors and patterns
  • Weather-resistant canopy. Mesh sides and rear mesh window protect you from the elements while increasing ventilation and visibility

While comfort is a primary concern, the next category of wheelchair accessories focus on making your daily activities more convenient.


2. Convenience upgrades: Helping to simplify your life

For those wheelchair users who simply don’t have time to slow down, these wheelchair accessories were made for you. From carrying more to staying organized, these ingenious additions to your wheelchair or powerchair reduce wasted motion and maximize efficiency. That means you can get more done in less time and expending less energy.

Check out these convenient wheelchair accessories and powerchair upgrades:

  • Wheelchair underneath cargo shelf. Nylon design mounts to the lower chair framework and acts as a catch-all for your stuff — with a convenient front zippered pocket for smaller items
  • Wheelchair rear gear bag. This huge, rear-mounted gear bag features an open-frame design with massive storage space — perfect for trips to the store and back
  • Clamp-on cup holder. Sturdy, surface-safe design features flexible arms that secure the most popularly-sized beverage containers from 12 oz. to 20 oz.

Once you’re comfortable and life is convenient, the next category of wheelchair add-ons will ensure that you’re operating your wheelchair as safely as possible.


3. Safety add-ons: Reducing the potential for preventable injury

Safety is always a primary concern in the mobility freedom equation. While most public facilities are gradually becoming more adaptable and aware of persons with disabilities, you never can be too careful. The products in this category of wheelchair and powerchair accessories can help to mitigate dangerous situations.

Consider adding the following upgrades to keep yourself safer and more secure:

  • Wheelchair spoke lights. These transparent LED light ‘blades’ attach to your wheelchair spokes and spin to produce a beautiful and noticeable visual display — including custom text
  • Volcanic jumbo wheels. Each jumbo wheel holds 6 LED lights that keep and individual color tone — without blending — to catch the eyes of drivers in the distance
  • Wheelchair tail light. 5-LED red tail light easily clips on the back of your wheelchair or powerchair — waterproof and visible up to 2,500 feet

Of course, no top list of wheelchair and powerchair accessories and upgrades would be complete without products designed to show-off your personal style.


4. Style accessories: Looking good means feeling good

An important part of customizing your wheelchair or powerchair is creating a look that matches your personality and sense of style. Just like decorating a room in your home, adding designer accessories to your mobility device brings new life and allows you to express yourself. This is a small change that can make a positive difference in the way you — as well as those around you — feel about your mobility solution.

Decorate your wheelchair or powerchair with these unique designer accessories:

  • Powerchair light kit. Built for the undercarriage of your powerchair, this 360-degree lighting accessory is similar to the undercarriage light kits in tricked-out hot rods
  • Mobility handbags. Impeccably-designed mobility handbags come in a variety of smart designs and hang beautifully on either side of your armrest
  • Custom wheel inserts. Inspired by urban graffiti artist designs, these custom weatherproof wheel inserts come in shockingly-brilliant color schemes

The best part is that these easy-on — easy-off style accessories can be switched out quickly and easily for a different look from day-to-day.


*This is a guest post written by AMS Vans*


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