Things To Check Out And Keep In Mind When Going Out On A Car Trip

Before starting your long and enjoyable road trip, there are number of things which you must check to make sure that car is in good and acceptable condition, just like Suzuki makes sure before handling it to their customers. You must check all fluid levels, clutch, brake and all. Along with this also check leaks in water and hydraulic systems.

A small leak is a fact of life, but you must have an approximate idea about how much your car uses, such that you get an idea about oil that is how much to carry with yourself. Some other items which you should take care of are tire condition and brake and normal things like chassis lubricator, oil changes, repacking wheel bearing and more.

Spare parts to carry on road trip – It’s better to carry some genuine spare parts with you, rather than suffering from the worst situation if you are planning to travel a remote area. There are number of spare parts that should be included in checklist and kept in your baggage.

Here are few of them which must be packed –

Shock absorbers – You must keep this in baggage as long as it doesn’t have compressed gas cylinder, sealed or any hazardous materials. In case, it they are sealed with gas then you must not pack it.

Bulbs – This is one of the probable items which can easily fail in any car and at anytime. Thus, it is advisable to keep several indicator, headlight and break bulbs in car. The main benefit that you will get is, it help in avoiding equipment discussions with local mechanic or constabulary.

Condenser and points – Many drivers have gone through this problem as some of their car points and condenser fail in a remote area. So, it’s better to keep a new and unused set of condensers and points.

Distributor rotor and cap – It’s easier and better to carry distributor rotor and cap rather than finding them on road. With an exception of anything powered by small Chevy motor and always help in tucking the point. Rotor and cap overall are quite an important spare parts which cannot be missed.

Injector – This is one of the few items that you may not need probably but many cars have older fuel injected, so it’s better that you keep necessary injectors. If not injectors, then must carry some seals for injector on off chance that you might them to clean.

Zip ties, hose clamps and safety wire – You should always have a small section in your bag to have these items. Try to carry few hose clamps for fuel lines and coolant hoses. While on other hand, Stainless Steel wires can help in replacing things like broken rubber hanger.

Before going out for a car journey or vacation, most of you may or may not check few things like clothing, car servicing and much more. But, along with all these you should also make a checklist of few spare parts that you must carry with yourself.