10 Travel Tips to Embrace if you are a Solo Traveller

Traveling to new places and exploring it all alone is a wonderful experience and it gives a lot of happiness. And if you are a solo traveller, it is simply awesome, and you must be enjoying it ardently. You are sure to face a lot of difficulties when you travel alone to unknown places but, if you are smart enough to deal with it, you will enjoy a happy and great experience.

Believe it or not, if you are a solo traveller, believe in serendipity for things will favour you for no reason. And you will be more vulnerable to it most of the times. You will soon realize that you will get attention only if you seek for it and you will get an answer only if you ask for it.

Check out 10 travel tips you should embrace if you are a solo traveller.

  1. It all starts from the time you plan for a solo journey. You have got no one to guide you for the entire travel and so you need to take care of yourself and do the checklist over and over to make sure that you are all set for your amazing solo trip. Make sure that you have included all the things in your bag so that you don’t get stuck in the middle of your trip.
  1. Whatever it be, the confidence in you is all that matters. Yes, you are traveling to an unknown place and you are going to meet so many strangers. But, nothing will stop you from enjoying your solo trip, when you are very much confident in yourself and about the place you are visiting.
  1. Keep an open mindset when you kick-start your journey as it helps you inhale a lot of positive energy. You are sure to meet a lot of new folks as you progress. Some might be a help while some might pull you down at certain moments. Rise up and walk briskly at every step to make sure that it is your journey, and no one here does not matter to you. It is ok to be rude at times, when you think you will not be safe or if you feel you need to act.
  1. Trust me, if you are a solo traveller, the only thing that you will be in love with is your mobile phone. This is the only thing that keeps you connected with the rest of the world. Connecting to your Facebook, Messenger, Google Maps, Instagram etc will keep you in touch with your dear ones and you can share your travelogue with them. So, make sure that you take good care of your mobile phone. Be careful not to use earphone while you are on the road. You might miss out things that are happening around you. And it is always good to gaze around and walk the streets to enjoy your walk.
  1. Try to embrace the differences that you come across over the journey. It is easy to go hand in hand with the similarities. Accept the differences and overcome it. If you don’t know something or you are confused, go to people and ask rather than googling it. It helps in starting a conversation and you will get to meet and interact with many people. But, do not let anyone take advantage of you and you shouldn’t be taking advantage of someone worse off than you.

  1. Be the social kind or else you will find it monotonous very soon. Try lodging at local places as it will help you save your pocket. Since you are traveling along, you have no other source and with time, the money will become limited. You might be traveling to offbeat places where you will be deprived of the mobile network, ATM, etc. Check for cheap rooms online or make a reservation of your hotel via online travel sites. It is good if you prefer solo-friendly accommodation for safety purposes.
  1. Before you head to a place, make sure you have learned the place well to overcome any obstacles. Learn your escapes before you go for it. The safe exit should be known to you before you step in.
  1. It is essential to stay low-key all the while you travel. It is not the time to flash off your belongings and other expensive paraphernalia. Always show the lower side of you. Remember an iPhone could be a luxury to the people you are dealing with. Take care of your belongings all the while you travel and it is advisable not to disclose anything to anyone you come across. Maintain a healthy distance with people you meet so that you don’t get exploited.
  1. It is advisable to give an ear to the local guides, considering them even though you have a knowledge about the place. They know better! Accept their beliefs about their place and their tradition and it would be interesting if you go for a try.
  1. Finally, make sure that you enjoy being alone and traveling alone. Do not give a try for solo travel if you do not like your own company. At times, you might feel bored and if so, you can book for a travel package and head with a group of people and then you can break the boredom.

Life always gives you options to stay happy. Choose the right way to make it stay longer. Save these travel tips when you are on the go for your solo travel. Travel safe!