Wheelchair Accessible Tourist Attractions in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam is one of the most exciting European destinations to visit. It is mostly known as the buzzing business center of the Netherlands but it is definitely much more. It hosts a world famous port and is filled with unique cultural and modern architecture. There is an amazing selection of activities to keep tourists with varied tastes entertained throughout their holiday or trip. In this article we will be looking at various tourist sites and attractions that can be enjoyed by disabled tourists, specifically those on wheelchairs.

Generally the Netherlands and Rotterdam are considered to be very accessible for wheelchair users. Their public transport system is a great testament to this fact. People on wheelchairs can easily get around the city on metros, trams, trains, boats, buses and even stroll around on their wheelchairs without much fuss. Though is some cases some advance notice to the various transporters is required in order for them to make adequate preparations. Most metros and trams have lifts that are wheelchair accessible and entrance ramps that are on ground level for easy access. Wheelchair accessible public transport in this city is also clearly marked with the initials ITS.

Tourists who may require different accessibility assistance do not need to worry; these needs can and will be catered for straight from the airport even without having to pre-book. The accessibility options from the airports to the hotels include coaches, vans, touring cars and taxis with ramp access. Some of the best option for rent a room in Rotterdam for wheelchair users include apartments and numerous three and four star hotels within the city center and its environs that are affordable and wheelchair accessible. It is important that you carry out some research before your visit in order to ensure that you get the best fit for you. Most of the best option for rent a room in Rotterdam that are wheelchair accessible come equipped with double beds, a 90cm space or more around the bed, a closet and a big TV screen. The bathrooms normally come equipped with a grab rail toilet, a lowered washbasin, a wheel-in shower and a shower chair.

There are also lots of rentals for accessibility equipment at most hotels and tourist attractions that you can hire at affordable rates. The accessibility equipment available in Rotterdam includes; Wheelchairs, shower chairs, Hoists, High-low beds, Walkers, Beach wheel chairs, Mobility scooters, Special needs bikes and Accessible cars among others.

Once you have sorted your accommodation and accessible travel requirements you can finally plan for the different sites that you would like to visit while in Rotterdam. Here are some of the best accessible tours destinations that are available within the city and its outskirts.

A guided tour of the city

Rotterdam is a city that is full of culture and unique modern architecture. The city was destroyed during World War 2 and rebuilt; though most of the buildings are relatively new you will also find pre-world war 2 buildings that have been uniquely restored. Some must see architectural sites with access include the Markthal food square, koopgoot shopping center, cubic houses and the Euromast tower. There are also numerous museums around the city such as Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Nature History Museum and Dutch Photography Museum. There are many ways to take this guided tour either using a tour van or taking an accessible harbor cruise depending on your preference.

The windmills of Kinderdijk

The windmills in Netherlands are a very huge tourist attraction. The Kinderdijk windmills for example can be easily accessed from Rotterdam via waterbus from the Erasmus Bridge. It takes about half an hour to get there. The tour consists of a short film highlighting the history of the windmills before you sail away to the beautifully lined up windmills along the dikes. The Wipmolen windmill is the most easily accessible, advance notice for wheelchair users is however advised to ensure the availability of a ramp during the trip.

If you decide to stay longer in the city, make sure you book your accommodation in Rotterdam on HousingAnywhere. You can look for accessible options in their search results.

These are just a few examples of the numerous attractions that are wheelchair accessible within Rotterdam and its environs, other fun and exciting excursions include Madurodam Holland Miniature Park, the beach of Hoek van Holland and a tour in Delft.