5 Reasons Why Every Traveler Must Go for a Journey Through the Trans-Siberian Railway

Traveling is a life-changing experience. The more you travel, the more you get your perspectives right, the more you know about various places and people, and there’s an inevitable change in your mind set. Now, traveling can be of two kinds, the one being the high end one, where you splurge a lot of money on airfares, hotels, restaurants, alcohol etc, and the other one being more pocket-friendly and enriching. When you travel via air, it’s more of a restricted experience. Whereas you travel aboard a train, you get to see and experience a lot of things, and you travel in the real sense of the term. The Trans-Siberian Railway helps you soak up one such experience. Though it’s time consuming, it’s worth every bit of it. You can not only gawk at the breathtaking scenery you get to witness while traveling aboard the train, but in the due course of travel you meet people from different walks of life and culture. Visit www.thetranssiberianexpress.com for more information about the Trans-Siberian railway. Here are some of the reasons why everyone should give this train journey a shot.


A perfect time-travel kind of journey

Train journeys consume a lot of time, but you can’t avoid the pros they have. The Trans-Siberian Railway covers nine different times zones, which means after a given point of time you will lose track of time. You will almost lose yourself in the magic of time. You will be served meals at odd hours. You will get all confused and after a point of time you will just let loose. Now, isn’t that interesting, because in the daily humdrum called life all we do is stick to a strict time table, which wouldn’t be the case here.


Get the old days back:

Who wouldn’t want to play PhileasFogg and embark on a fun-filled and exciting journey? In this day and age of jet planes, traversing across the world like PhileasFogg has almost become impossible. In a nick of time, you reach your desired destination, all thanks to jet planes. But making the most of your journey aboard a train has its own charm. It takes you back to the old days.





The Trans-Siberian Railways come as a treat to nature lovers and photography buffs. Be it the jagged-peaked mountains in China or the snow-covered Mongolian plains, be it the conifers of Siberia or the colourful wooden houses, you get to enjoy every bit of the scenery.


Learn about different cultures:

 If you know Russian and Chinese, then your jaunt by the Trans-Siberian Railway will turn out to be a complete delight. You will get to meet different people. A simple interaction with each of them will help you know about their culture, traditions, and their thought process.



If you are planning to embark on a soul-searching trip, Trans-Siberian Railway is perfect for you. You take up a new lifestyle altogether. For instance, you don’t take a bath regularly, your food habits change, your body–clock goes for a toss. So, eventually there are a lot of external changes which leads to internal changes. You tend to become more adaptive. You start thinking about yourself.


So, now that you are aware of the perks, wouldn’t you give it a shot?