How to Plan a Rail Journey Through Russia

Are you planning a trip to Russia for your vacation and want to make it special and different this time around? Well, get on the train and make every bit of your holiday count. Yes, Russian Railways it is. Now you might be wondering how to plan a rail journey through Russia? Do not worry because it’s quite easy. All you need to know are the rail routes and the expenses that you will incur while booking the tickets. Besides, you can also opt for the Trans-Siberia Railway. Check out these know-hows and plan your journey accordingly.


Train type:

While booking tickets, always look for the top quality fast trains for long distance journeys. Zero in on trains called firm (firmeny). These trains are considered to be the top quality trains, with modern and high-quality coaches. These trains will make your journey easy and comfortable. Often, long distance journeys turn out to be hectic and tiring. To obliterate that bit, opt for these special trains.





Russian fares vary from season to season.  The months July and August witness an increase of the fares. Similarly, the New Year and Easter also have fare hikes. Firmeny trains are comparatively expensive than the low-quality regular trains.


Most popular route:

The most popular rail route in Russia is Moscow-St Petersburg. This route has comfortable overnight sleeper trains. One of the best trains is Krasnaya Strela or Red Arrow. Besides, there are also luxury grand trains between St Petersburg and Moscow. Grand Express is one of the luxury grand trains. The ticket fare for the luxury train is $110.


How to buy tickets:

Want to buy tickets at cheap rates? Make your way to the station reservation office to buy cheap train tickets. Don’t forget to take your passport while booking tickets. Russian Railways have a very efficient computerized system which makes the entire process of ticket-booking hassle free. Also, even you don’t have a good hold over the Russian language, be sure you are aware of the Russian letters and you know how to write them because that will help you while you ask the staff at the counter to book your tickets.


What is the journey like?   

Train journeys are pretty safe while you are travelling through Russia. Women need not worry about their safety. One needs to be up on his/her toes while travelling via train. Lock your baggage properly and be aware. Plus train journeys are a treat for food buffs. One gets to hog on a variety of food items and sip on various drinks. And also, it becomes all the more interesting if your co-passengers are good.


So, now that you are aware of the dos and don’ts, plan a proper rail journey all the way to Russia without thinking twice. It will be one of a kind. And last but not the least, do not forget to take your favourite books. Train journeys and books make a good combination.