Sizzling Travel Temperatures: 10 of the Hottest Places on Earth

As regular readers will know, I have traveled six of the seven continents (no prizes for guessing that sub-zero Antarctica is the only outstanding landmass on my checklist). My amazing experiences make me something of an armchair expert when it comes to some of the things that I’ve seen and done. For example, most city-dwellers don’t come across too many hippos, hot air balloons, giant Alaskan cruise ships, or stretches of Amazonian jungle during their average morning commute (and if you do see those things on your way to work every day, let me know where you live!).  

Without a shadow of a doubt, the first thing people always want to talk about the moment I mention my travel exploits is the temperature. Been to Australia? People want to know how hot it was, right? Been to Northern Europe or South America? I’m willing to bet the climate came up in almost all of your conversations about your trip. For some of the top travel temperatures, check out this fun Infographic by LED Hut. Now, let’s look at how you could stay cool in the midday sun abroad.

Feeling the Heat

Staying cool is easy, isn’t it? Drink water, find shade, and wear light and airy clothing. Well, yes. That much is obvious. But what about keeping your water cool for longer, and how should you deal with a sweltering hotel room? Here’s what you do:

  • Freeze your water bottle before you leave the hotel. This makes the cool water last much longer, and you can use the bottle against your skin to cool you down.
  • Hang your wet towel across any open doors or windows – the water cools the air as it enters your room (this is a great tip for night time use!)
  • Spicy food will make your skin sweat, helping to force your body to keep you cool – just remember to drink plenty of water. 

Here are the 10 hottest places on Earth –