How to Enjoy the Capital City of Thailand

When travelling to Thailand or South East Asia for the first time, you might come across several surprises in the form of weird smells, the crowd on the streets, the haphazard traffic, very welcoming inhabitants, food and the culture and lifestyle too.

So when visiting a place for the first time with instructions like “do not talk to the strangers”, “do not accept to carry anyone’s luggage”, “look both ways before crossing the road”, the list and tips come in very handy to deal with the troubles smartly. There should be some thrill while exploring the new place so the tips must be written to enlighten only and not to spoon feed.

Here we come up with the most useful tips to survive in Bangkok and enjoy without any hassle. Have a look!


A defined and established map can be your savior from the entire hustle bustle in the Bangkok. It can be very confusing in Bangkok when it comes to the commute and moving around on your own. Either you can book online Bangkok tours to show you around or get a map to not get lost in the indistinguishable alleys, changing street names, river transport, road transport or the MRTs.


It is a well known fact about Bangkok that if you do not see a fixed price tag or a bar code working, you got to bargain a lot. Like seriously a lot. May be, you can suggest 10-40% off the original price being quoted. And even then if it is not what you want to buy it at, walk away- you will surely be called back for the final negotiations.


This has to be a primary rule to drink lots of water where ever you travel in the world be it Bangkok or in the Antarctic. The rule of thumb to be followed i.e. drink more water than you sweat. Since the weather in Bangkok is very humid and you can uncontrollably sweat like a pig, the stifling heat can take a toll on you. Drink as much water as you can.


Like anywhere else in the world, there are whole lot of scammers roaming around to take advantage of your inexperience and unfamiliarity with the surroundings. Their tricks may be very commonly played or obvious, people who are tired, naïve or even jet lagged fall prey to their ploy. So beware of the scams if they act nicer than they should.


Unlike Paris or Milan, Bangkok is not a city to be covered on foot very casually and no planning. Rather it is very daunting to figure the attractions, food places and the happening hang out areas through sprawl of crowds, confusing alleys and traffic jams. It will be a lot easier if you plan ahead, make your bookings with the hotels, buy the tickets for the attractions and identify the food you wish to try.


In order to avoid those never ending traffic jams and deafening buzz of the motor bikes, MRT & BTS are your best friends when you wish to get around without a hassle. There are smoke ogling tuk tuks, thrilling water rides and ever so fast bikes to take you to places, but avoiding all these comes as quite an advantage in terms of time saving.