Money Management Tech Is Creating More Opportunities For Adventure

Flying internationally is set to become that bit better for people with accessibility needs, with the February unveiling of the wheelchair rule. According to the Washington Post, this will make it easier and fairer for wheelchair users to travel via flight. With such measures comes greater opportunity, and to make the most of that, it’s important to manage your money well. Like with many other parts of life, technology is making money management easier for wheelchair users, meaning more chances for foreign adventure.

Banking revolution

Traditional retail banking poses a challenge to wheelchair users and those with other disabilities, due to the physical factor of having to visit a branch or outlet. By removing this physical attendance requirement, apps have created a situation where banking is more straightforward and transactions can be tackled from the comfort of the home, avoiding issues like missed credit payments. The positive knock-on effect of this change is access to a greater range of products,such as frequent flyer cards.Furthermore, as Forbes note, appstypically continue to improve access for those with mobility requirements.

Cross-country technology

People with specific medical needs can sometimes find it challenging when requiring the use of medical attention in foreign countries. Differing states of development, language barriers and inefficient insurancecompaniescan add up to create a tough situation. Services like Google Translate and competitors Amazon and DeepL are helping to bridge this gap. Furthermore, globally hostedcashservices like Monzoprovide a way for technology to span cultures, easing the ability of people to enjoy their travel.

Cashless and contactless?

America has been slow on the uptake of contactless payments; dipping, rather than swiping, has only been a reality for a few years, but Visa estimate that 100 million cards will be contactless by the end of 2019. In Europe, Canada and the UK, contactless is widespread and native. For people with disabilities, this offers a couple of benefits. On a day to day basis, it allows easier access to payments in retail and elsewhere. Secondly, it provides a way to closely monitor money, especially when combined with one of the new and user-friendly banking apps defining the market.

Travelling is being made easier for people living with disability, and to match it, technology is providing new ways to manage money. As a result, both saving for and enjoying a vacation or adventure is easier than ever before.