Creative Ways Of Displaying Your Travel Memories

Our interest in photography shows no signs of waning thanks to smartphones, and with more than 38 billion traditional prints being produced worldwide, everyone can become an ameteur photographer these days. Whether you’re traveling the world or have just come back from a vacation, the fate of our travel images often doesn’t get further than being shared on social media platforms. However, there are alternative ways you can keep the memories your stunning photos of a road trip or the best places to visit in Delhi. If you’re after some artistic ways to display your travel memories, here’s some creative ideas to inspire you.

Produce eye-catching canvas prints

One way of ensuring your photo memories can feature in your life after a vacation is to design a piece of wall art that combines a picture collage with amazing images from your trip away. Although you don’t need to be an artist to make a collage, producing one can be done either online or by hand. Once you’ve decided whether to order them in sequence of events or in themes from your adventures, sizes and styles of frames can be added to the design of the canvas. How you choose to display your favorite images can be done to suit the decor of your home.

Print a sleek photobook

When you don’t have the space to adorn the walls of your home with large canvases or a collection of prints, why not make a photobook to cherish your travel memories? There are a range of online photobook designs to opt for, but if you decide to make your own, you can add souvenirs and other mementos to keep inside the book. Select your best shots, and decide whether you want have borders or go for a full bleed look; providing you keep a consistent and simple layout throughout, it could even turn into a travel ebook.

Turn memories into collections

To instantly bring back those holiday sentiments and share them with friends and family, there are endless possibilities to use your travel photos. For the more unusual items, make set of postcards from your images and send to people back home as a treasured keepsake. While we’ve all seen – and probably bought – fridge magnets, making them from your own pictures can be a unique way of jazzing up your refrigerator or giving as a gift.

Preserving your travel photos can be so much more than uploading them on social media, so next time you return from a vacation, get creative by bringing your incredible memories back to life.