Top Resources That Can Help Students with Disabilities Locate Internships

Living with a disability isn’t easy and most of the disabled population does not expect or solicit pity, nor do they pity themselves. Because of that, they strive to lead a normal life because they are normal after all and deserve to be treated as such.


The sad reality though is that people with disabilities have to apply for jobs 60% more than able-bodied people. Some organizations are working on changing the script on the jobs for students with disabilities. Luckily, remote jobs are becoming more and more popular. It’s easy for those with disabilities to find remote work or start a company and use a virtual office to assist them in growing their business.


These organizations are willing to go the extra mile by offering internships for people with disabilities. The application process makes the employer and student feel comfortable.


If you are a student living with a disability, get in the path of success with these top internships for college students. Alternatively, if you don’t live with a disability, you can refer another student to these programs so he can benefit from them.



Entry Point!


Entry Point internship program was founded by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1996. Since that year it has helped more than 600 students to get internships and of that 600 interns, 85% of them have received job placements.


This program has the mandate of diversifying the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics sector (STEM) by interning people from different backgrounds with disabled people being of the foremost importance.


It annually recruits fitting candidates for screening and thereafter, when the employers have made the decision, the interns go for the internship that takes ten weeks in summer.


Entry Point! places 20 to 25 aspirant scientists each year and this program has proved its success by producing great scientists. These scientists have advanced new research, inspired new ideas and supported innovation in their respective fields of work.


The Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities (WRP)


The WRP is a recruitment and referral program run by the Department of Labor in conjunction with the Department of Defense. These two government organizations have divisions that are specifically set to assist disabled people in finding internships that will put them in the track of permanent employment. This program gives the student exposure to federal and private sector employees.


The student has to be screened through an interview to get an internship to any of the two above mentioned sectors. The website states that they offer summer internships as well as permanent jobs. This opportunity is great for recent college graduates that need work.


Their research papers and project assignments have been highly successful. If you also want to get a writing project for that level, pay expert to writer a research paper. It is important to know that professionally written project by experts are well researched so that they receive accolades from project mentors and teachers.


So, choose a topic of your choice, for example sociology research proposal topics and get the work done through the experts.The internship program is focused on giving on the job training and help students gain more experience in their fields of work.



The National Business & Disability Council


The National Business & Disability Council recruits disabled students for Fortune 1000 companies as well as government organizations. The modus operandi of this council is partnering with companies and government organizations that want to diversify their workforce.


After partnering with them, they recruit disabled students to do internships with those companies and also even offer job placement for them. The council also promotes compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other regulations.


In the process of promoting the act and regulations, it gives work opportunities to people with disabilities within well-established companies. This is one of the top internships for people with disabilities and is a great stepping stone to a successful career path.


Emerging Leaders


The Emerging Leaders Internship Program for College Students with Disabilities is a program that is coordinated by the National Business & Disability Council. This program also partners with well-established companies and organizations to find internship opportunities for disabled students.


Emerging Leaders has a summer internship program that offers on the job training and experience. This program gives the students first-hand experience of how the workplace looks like and how they can succeed and rise above the odds.


The program has a track record of interns that got fully employed in a variety of sectors including IT, corporate and many more. The program offers a variety of subjects that are in line with the growing demand in the industry. It’s just like various universities have starts esports programs to meet the growing demand for these skills in the gaming industry.


The program has given a lifeline to disabled students and has made itself a reputation of offering jobs for students with disabilities.


The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)


The AAPD offers summer internship camp in Washington D.C annually. The program is well supported by big names in different industries like American Airlines, Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, the Coca Cola Foundation. Aspirant interns should be prepared to come to Washington for the duration of the internship program.


Their costs of living will be covered, including housing, living-stipend and transportation costs. This engaging experience offers the students a chance to be interns within big companies and offices. This gives them the opportunity to prove themselves as capable of being permanently employed.


The companies, organizations and offices that partnered with this program include American Airlines, the American Bar Association, various Senators offices. This program offers great disability internships you can ever find.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – the Undergraduate Student Research Program

The NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program offers internships aimed at Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics students that are willing to start a career in space research. NASA offers its internships intending to help disabled people be competitive in the workplace and prove their intellect.

There are interesting fields of work you can get into during your internship or even if NASA decides to employ you fully. These fields include Astronomy, Lunar and Planetary Services, Space Technology, etc.


The results yielded by this program are that the students that were interns under it later on received leadership roles in their respective fields of work.




Students that have received assistance from one of these top internships for college students have attested that with the help of these programs they have learned something. Their lessons include that their disability does not define who they are, nor does it measure their intelligence.


You are highly encouraged to apply for disability internships opportunities at any of the above-mentioned programs. If your application is accepted work hard to prove yourself to be capable of working full time within the profession that you studied. The testimonials speak volumes that being disabled doesn’t mean that you can’t function in a workplace if others can do it, so can you.


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