The call of Jamaica, the land of love, luxury and sunsets by the sea

Imagine a forget-me-not blue sky with a sea that reflects it, with pristine beaches that feel like pillows under your feet, imagine a place with sturdy mountains and breath-taking reefs that line the beaches. Imagine what you would do in this place that has such endless beauties to offer. This is Jamaica in a nutshell for you.

We sometimes don’t realise this but we often miss out on so much while we are busy working those late hours. It is only during the holiday season that we decide to take a break and kick back for a while. However, sometimes that is not enough, sometimes you feel like you need to just forget about responsibilities for a while and just let go. So , in case your soul has been calling for a break and your bones are crying for some good old pampering, it might just be time for a Jamaican luxury getaway.

But what exactly does luxury travel mean? Is it about lush lawns and wines by the pool and scrumptious meals and sunsets? Or is it something more? More travel bloggers and those bitten by wanderlust all over the world, luxury travel means striking that perfect chord between getting pampered to your bones and the adventure of a lifetime, and Jamaica has just that and much more to offer. But just in case you don’t know where to begin, here are some pro-tips to experience luxury travelling in Jamaica:

Planning the trip

The planning is probably considered the most boring part of the trip but it is important to do it, and do it well, in the long run. If you have a well-chalked out plan ready to go then everything should be a smooth ride from there. Plan ahead- that’s all we are saying. Having fun is important but you should also consider the comfort and safety of your loved ones. Book flights and hotels early. If you are planning on going for any tours or rides, check if they can be booked in advance too so you can just dive right in without worrying about anything. Make lists. Lots of them! Especially if you are travelling in a group where everyone might need some specific thing of the other. Once you have done all the research and the bookings and designed the itinerary, you are good to go!

Next up is deciding where you stay. Jamaica has a ton of luxurious experiences to offer in the form of spas and resorts so you can just book one that you like best. But in case you need some help with that, here’s a list of some of our favourite places that take the pampering up several notches:

  1. The Rockhouse

Just like its name suggests, the Rockhouse has a number of thatched roof cottages that seem carved out of sheer limestone rocks. This gives the resort a rural appeal. Nestled in the heart of the cliffs of Negril, Rockhouse is all about toe-curling spa treatments while you enjoy the sight of the turquoise waves lapping against the beach. The cliffs hang over the sea and offer you an exquisite view of the water and, just in case you just want to nap in the cool sea breeze, you can lounge with the others on the stone terrace. The staff here is friendly and competent and you will find yourself chilling out on the cool stone terrace, nursing a glass of flavourful and aged wine, while they take care of all your pampering needs. And just in case that’s not enough to get the adrenaline pumping, you can dive right off the cliff edge to enjoy a dip in the ocean. End your day in a perfect way by delving into the gastronomic delights offered up by the chefs here and, just in case you are starting to grow a food baby, you can head to the yoga room in the gardens. Best part?  The Rockhouse resorts often hold concerts for the entertainment of the guests. Because what better way to enjoy a good meal but by following it up with some glorious music?


  1. Beaches Negril Resort and Spa

If a resort by the sea that offers a beautiful amalgamation of Caribbean quirk with that of the Colonial British is just what the doctor ordered, then Beaches Negril Resort and spa might just be the place for you. Lying close to Montego Bay, the resort offers up luxurious experiences on a platter, what with its spacious beach-facing rooms that combine the modern with sheer class. The rooms come with a service butler who is at your beck and call for anything you might need. The minibar is restocked every day and you can just sit by the room, wine in hand, and enjoy the breeze playing with your hair. And don’t even get us started on the food. The seafood platter served at the fine dining restaurant is a piece of art and just as popular. Be sure to try out the Stew Fish restaurant where your feet enjoy the warmth of the sand between your toes as they serve platter after plater of deliciously hot delights. And, when you just want to relax after a long day of pampering, head to the specialty spa called the Red Lane Spa that conducts wellness rituals that drive all your stress away. They also provide facials, scrubs and amazing massages that will leaving you feeling wholly new. This resort caters to everyone’s needs and entertainments and hosts anything from reggae music concerts to tween DJ academy to sesame street parade for kids. One of the best things at this resort is that once you reach here, you don’t even have to trouble yourself for booking tours. The concierge can arrange one for you to visit the exquisite natural Jamaican attractions.