Top Off-Beat Destinations in Thailand That You Must Visit

When you think of the word Thailand and holiday, all that comes to your mind probably are touristy beaches, beach parties, night clubs, music, and entertainment. All that is true to the tee and most of us love Thailand for the life it offers to us. However, for some of us, the holiday also means relaxation and retreat from the life that we are already living.

A few days at a nightclub or beach parties are fun, but the ultimate relaxation comes when you can stroll on the soft beach sand, listening to nothing but the sounds of wave piercing through the rocks. There are times when you do not want the deafening sound of jet skis and blaring music from the pubs to disturb you but you love to hear the gushing natural rivers and springs. At times, a dip in a fresh waterfall is much more rejuvenating than a dip in salty sea water. You will also eventually crave for cool breezy weather and fresh air after too much humidity at the tropical beaches.

Interestingly, Thailand also has another side of the coin, which is very quaint and close to nature. All that it takes is to dare to go off the beaten path, If you are looking for a purely nature centric trip to the Kingdom, here are a few must-visit places that you should check out.


Chiang Mai

Situated in the far north of the country, Chiang Mai has got nothing to do with beach, sand, clubs, parties, and bikinis. It is a lush green mountain valley with gorgeous rice paddies and gushing natural rivers, cooler temperatures and of course gorgeous sunsets. Although accessing the valley is easy by air, the town has a very rural vibe to it. You should not expect any modern urban attractions while you are here, and rightly so. Spend your days trekking through the forests, zip line in the valleys and take a dip in the waterfalls. The evenings can be spent cycling through the village and interacting with the local villagers. You can book Chiang Mai tours to explore around the valley.


Koh Lipe

            Milky white beaches, beautiful rocks, green palms and forests and crystal clear green waters with an amazing aquatic life is what best describes Koh Lipe. Interestingly, even the most regular tourists to Thailand have not heard of this beautiful island, but it still hosts scuba diving enthusiasts from Langkawi, an island in neighboring Malaysia. The island has zero urban activity and is a motor free piece of land, with long tail boats being the only way of commuting. It is truly a heaven for scuba divers, or for people who dream of having an entire island to themselves.


Khao Lak

If you are visiting Thailand for some spectacular Scuba diving experience, you cannot miss Khao Lak.  Khao Lak is a distant quaint island surrounded by the most popular marine national parks in the country. The island is in close proximity to Similan and Surin islands, which are known as one of the best diving sites in the world for their aquatic life and clear blue waters.