Best Tips to Give Your Home a New Look

Home in need of a makeover but not sure where to begin? Whether you’re a fan of the latest trends in interior design or you just want to bring in some new energy, redesigning certain aspects of your house will make it feel like home again. Read on for five tips to give your home a new look.

1. Bring in Some Color


An easy way to modernize any home is to add in some color. Adding in a new color or two can take the form of a freshly painted accent wall, a brightly colored rug, or dynamic pieces of art. Whatever you choose, adding in splashes of color will make your home feel brighter and fresher.


If you’re interested in DIY projects, consider adding some color on your own. With a little bit of paint, a great color palette, and a few well-curated colorful decor pieces, you’ll be able to completely transform your home.

2. Revamp Your Outdoor Kitchen


Have an outdated outdoor kitchen? Breathe some new life into your home by revamping your outdoor kitchen. Start this revamp by replacing outdoor kitchen cabinets, refinishing the prep area and other surfaces, and installing modern appliances like energy efficient grills, ovens, and the like.


Once the basic revamp is complete, start getting creative with your alfresco kitchen. Bring in a bit of your personality with the choice of plants and landscaping, style of lighting, and pick of outdoor furniture.

3. Add More Greenery


As you continue to look for ways to give your home a new look, consider adding in more greenery. Whether you grow your own plants or take your pick from your local plant shop, the right selection of healthy plants can liven up any home. Consider innovative ways to style your home when arranging your plants. Many homeowners make their homes greener by installing a living plant wall, hanging dried flowers, or bringing in large potted plants.


As you add more greenery to the home, don’t forget to carefully choose your planters as well. When picking planters, consider ones that are decorative that match the style and decor of the rest of your home.

4. Choose New Curtains


Window treatments can really change the feel in a home. If you’re curtains or blinds are particularly faded or ill-fitting with the rest of your room, it’s time to try a fresher style. Consider switching up the style and color of your curtains to give your home a new look. Be sure to choose the right type of fabric when replacing your curtains as this choice will affect the function of the curtain, as heavier and lighter fabrics behave differently.

5. Install New Lighting


Creative lighting solutions stand to dramatically improve the way your home looks. If you’re ready to give your home a makeover, it’s a good idea to consider new lighting choices in the dining room and other areas of the house. Think about what aesthetic you are trying to communicate throughout your home and install new lighting solutions that are appropriate.


Keep popular lighting trends in mind as you decide on your lighting solutions. Many of today’s homeowners are taking advantage of ceiling lighting to create more open space, reclaimed lighting for a more unique look, and lighting using earthy elements to create a more natural environment.


Your home should be a reflection of you. As you consider how to revamp your style, be sure to keep these five suggestions in mind.