Get Your House In Order Before Fall With These End of Summer Cleaning Tips

End of summer already? There are still a few weeks left of this tropical season, but it won’t be long before fall arrives. The school season is on the horizon and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to make sure your house is in tip-top shape. With your schedules filling back up soon, you want a clean, healthy, and efficient household ready to take on the rest of the year. 


A clean house sets the foundation for the months ahead. If you want to be ready, here’s a list of things to get done before the summer ends. 


Sweep, Mop, and Dust Entire House


Dirt, grass stains, pollen, and other debris have made its way into your household this summer.  Allowing such things to linger could cause issues for allergy or asthma sufferers in the house. It also does nothing positive for air quality. So, go room by room and be sure to sweep, mop, and dust from the ceilings to the floors. 


Clean Windows Thoroughly


Allergens and other debris have also accumulated on your windows. A thorough cleaning will ensure it doesn’t make its way into the house. Clean both the inside and outside of your windows with a cleaning solution or warm water and soap. Be sure not to leave out the windowsills which are likely filthy. Then, consider using a hose to spray the window screens clean. If you notice a crack or damaged window, have it repaired or replaced before the cooler weather sets in to prevent cold air from entering the home. 


Clear Your Closets


It’s time to make room for a french terry hoodie, long-sleeve shirts, pants, and sweaters. That means getting rid of your summer clothing. Just before or right after Labor Day would be a good time to start clearing out your closets. Try everything on to make sure it still fits. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn for the season. You can donate them, give them to someone you know, or have a yard sale. Either way, there’s no need in storing things you can’t use. Once your closets are all cleaned out you can organize your fall clothes accordingly. 


Have the Carpets Cleaned


The amount of traffic your carpets have endured throughout the summer is extensive. There’s likely all kinds of dirt and debris present. You don’t want to trap all that in the house with you during the fall, so you should have the carpets cleaned. If you have a wet vac or steamer, you can complete the job on your own going room to room. If you don’t however, you can always rent one or hire professional carpet cleaning services to do the job for you. While cleaning the carpets, you might also consider cleaning furniture like your couches and chairs as there’s a lot of allergens trapped in the fabrics as well. 


Drain the Pool


If you have a swimming pool in your yard you should have it drained and treated at the end of the summer. While an inground or large swimming pool should be drained by professionals, smaller pools can easily be drained and disassembled with no issue. Then, place a cover over the pool to ensure no debris or children end up falling in. 


Clean Lawn Furniture


Unless you plan on doing some outdoor entertaining during the fall it’s time to put away the lawn furniture. Line all your lawn chairs and tables up in a row and scrub them thoroughly with soap and water or cleaning solution. Then, use your garden hose to wash everything down. Allow everything to dry before placing covers over it and placing them in the shed or garage for storage. Now would also be a good time to scrub, cover, and store your grill to prevent it from rusting during the fall and winter. 
Right now you’re busy enjoying the summer with your family, but you know how fast time moves. Before you know it, you’ll be taking the kids back to school shopping and getting back into your regular routine. Prior to all of that taking place, it’s a good idea to get things in order around the house. The summer has left a lot behind and you want to get rid of it to conserve space, increase efficiency, and most importantly, keep your loved ones safe and healthy.