Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Beach Vacations

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a kid who adores a good beach vacation, look no further! We found seven truly unique items that your little beach bum will be thrilled to receive. All of these gifts will help them take a day at the beach to the next level of fun in the sun:


  1. Beach Hammock

Looking for a gift for a kid who loves to read on the beach? Towels don’t offer many comfortable reclining positions and chairs are difficult to transport. A beach hammock can be set up in a matter of minutes and folds up small enough to be tossed into any beach bag. Let them lie back and listen to the waves in their own little hammock paradise.


  1. Stand-Up Paddle Board

A stand-up paddle board is a go-to gift for any beach lover who wants to literally ride on top of the waves. Kayaks are fun, but they are clunky and often too hefty for kids to carry on their own. A stand-up surf paddle board is a perfect gift for kids who want to see the ocean from a higher perspective. They are specifically designed to glide seamlessly over ocean waves, bringing any day at the beach to new heights.


  1. Underwater Camera

If you think the beach-lover on your list would love to take underwater pictures but don’t want to shell out for a GoPro, a simple waterproof camera will allow them to take photos. While these are best used in clearer beach water, they are also perfect for pool days!


  1. Sand-Free Picnic Blanket or Towel

Who doesn’t love the feel of sand beneath their bare feet? Unfortunately, sand has a way of creeping all over towels, blankets and everything that you have set out on them throughout the day. A sand-free picnic blanket or towel is the perfect gift for any beach-loving kiddo that you want to enjoy the day without dragging half the sand on the beach home with them. Both of them shake off sand seamlessly and the picnic blanket rolls up and fits into its own bag.


  1. Beach Shade Tent

If the squirt on your shopping list loves to spend the entire day out at the beach, a shade tent is a perfect way to give them some reprise from the sun’s harsh rays. A simple pop-up shade tent is the perfect addition to any lengthy day at the beach. Kids (and adults) can keep all their valuables inside and take a rest. These tents pop up extremely easily, taking less than five seconds to set up. They can also be moved easily throughout the day as the tide changes. They fold back up and go into a small bag that can be easily carried in any beach tote.


  1. Inflatable Ocean Lounger

This inflatable lounger is perfect for all ages. All you have to do to inflate it is wave it around in the air for a few seconds and you have your own private floating lounger for relaxation in the sunshine.


  1. Mermaid Blanket

What little girl wouldn’t want to be a mermaid? A mermaid tail blanket is a perfect way to cozy up while they stream their favorite shows. This blanket is woven to look like an actual mermaid’s tail, giving them the feel of the beach even in the colder months.


A day at the beach can be fun with just a swimsuit and a pair of flip flops. But why stop there when there are so many extra items to bring along?