Keep Renters Coming Back With These AirBnB Design Tips

Have you recently become an Airbnb host? If you want to start making money on your summer rental, you not only need to get renters interested but ensure they’re comfortable during their stay. That’s how you get loyal people to work with, great reviews, and increased business. The best way to ensure all of this happens, of course, is to decorate your Airbnb rental. 


The reason many travelers love summer rentals is that it provides all the comforts of home. Below, you’ll find some design tips on how to make sure it all comes together perfectly. 


Cozy Livingroom Furniture


Before venturing out to explore or after a long day of fun, travelers want to be able to have a space where they can sit, relax, and socialize. If you have a seating or living room area in your summer rental, you want to put some special attention to the furniture. A plush comfortable couch, love seat, and reclining chair would suffice. 


If the furniture you presently have is a bit rundown, you can quickly spruce it up with some new cushions and covers. A fresh coat of paint to the walls, some pictures, side tables, and bookshelves would also give the living room a lot more appeal. 


Plenty Of Dining Room Seating


Most people who rent houses for summer vacations are often traveling in groups. When they get ready to share meals together, it is essential that there is plenty of seating for everyone. A large dining room table with at least 8 chairs works wonders. They have dining sets that can extend to accommodate more guests if need be. To give the dining room a nice facelift, invest in some plants, artwork for the walls, window treatments, and of course, a nice plate and silverware set. 


Clean, Fresh, Bathroom


No one feels comfortable in an untidy or disorganized bathroom. After thoroughly cleaning it, you can add a few pieces to give it a nice fresh look. A bathroom rug set adds comfort, brings some color to the room, and can be valuable in covering up flooring that’s not so attractive. Be sure there are enough towels and washcloths. A new shower curtain and rings can really make the whole room pop. Lastly, though most travelers bring their own toiletries, you can get a few brownie points for having some stored for their use. You can buy travel-size toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and toothbrushes. 


Fully-Loaded Kitchen


One of the best parts about renting a house for the summer is you can save money by cooking indoors. You’ll need to accommodate your guests cooking needs by having a fully-loaded kitchen. Be sure to purchase staple pots, pans, and cooking utensils. A few other items like a microwave and toaster oven can come in handy as well. Thoroughly clean the fridge and cabinets to make sure they have plenty of space to store their food. 


As for the decor, you can freshen up your kitchen with a coat of paint, have your appliances serviced and cleaned, and add some fun items like a bowl of fresh fruit, flowers, or plants for aesthetics. 


Bedroom Decor is Important


When they’re not congregated in the common areas your guests will likely be in their rooms. This is where the design and comfortability really matter. You can invest in linens like a bed set and window treatments. Clear out dresser drawers and closets and be sure to have plenty of hangers available. If you’d like, you can also install a small television set in the room for entertainment. An area rug, something for the walls, and a few lamps for extra lighting and you’re good to go. 


Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Space


During the summer your guests are going to want to spend as much time outdoors as they can. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they had a nice backyard area to entertain and relax? Head outside and clean your yard. Then, invest in some inexpensive lawn furniture and decor items like pillows and placemats. If you have a pool, make sure that it has been cleaned thoroughly. 


For a bit of a wow factor, you can also add some aesthetics.  Stringing up some outdoor lights with Bluetooth speakers gives them extra light for nighttime festivities and a sound system to rock out to. You can add landscaping lights, a fire pit, stepping stones, and a few flowers or plants for color. 
Decorating your Airbnb summer rental might seem like a lot of work. However, the idea is to give your guests the appeal of the finest hotels with all the common staples of home. You can accomplish this very easily and without investing too much money by using the tips above. Once you’re done, photograph the new space and watch the requests start rolling in.