Top Travel Destinations for a Dream Marriage Proposal

A wedding proposal is an unforgettably wonderful event no matter where it occurs. A local rooftop garden or serene park setting offers more than enough ambiance and beauty to make the moment as special as possible. But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream of being someplace exotic when her significant other decides to pop the question.


Here are some of the top travel destinations to serve as the backdrop to your dream proposal:


Amer Fort, India


Sprawling across a hilltop, this complex blends varied influences in a single location. Walk the cool courtyards and then head in the sun to enjoy the magnificently laid out gardens.


Beautiful Bora Bora


Surrounded by vivid turquoise waters, Bora Bora is one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Make your own after celebrating an engagement.


Con Dao Island, Vietnam


Part of the much larger Con Dao National Park, the island is intended to protect nesting sea turtles. You can enjoy the coastal roadways and appreciate less crowded beaches.


Great Hole, Belize


One of the world’s most renowned diving spots, the Great Hole means getting engaged someplace exotic. If you love diving, you’ll be delighted with the deep crevices of this remarkable location. Just make sure the Diamond Nexus engagement rings your partner had express shipped to Belize City aren’t worn while you’re underwater. Few things would spoil a dream proposal like dropping a diamond ring down a 400-foot hole!


Havasu Falls


Havasu Falls lies in the heart of the Grand Canyon. You’ll have to make arrangements with the local residents. It’s well worth it to discover one of the most pristine and less seen corners of the United States.


Isle of Skye, Scotland


The romantic Isle of Skye is connected with mainland Scotland with a bridge. The ancient castles, gorgeous mountains, and long-standing fishing villages make every part of the island a delight for people who love history and nature.


Panjin Red Beach, China


Red Beach is named for the type of seaweed that makes this world’s highest marshland a must for those who love beautiful and unusual places. Come here during the summer and admire the sea of greenery. When the weather turns colder, the seaweed takes on its known red color. Take a boat and explore the seas and waterways with the help of an experienced local guide.


Pretty Paris


Few places have captured the imagination the way that Paris has. The city has been synonymous with love for centuries. It’s no surprise it’s one of the most popular places for people to propose marriage. Come here in spring when the city shines with flowers and soft elegance. Explore famous Notre Dame, stroll the gardens of the Tuileries and take an elevator up the top of Eiffel Tower for an incredible panoramic view of the city of lights.


Sossusvlei, Namibia


If you and your partner love sand dunes, this part of Africa is right for your trip. The vividly colored sands shimmer in the light at the height of the day and then turn cooler and darker colors at night. Dead Acacia trees seem to climb to the heavens and provide endless opportunities for incredible photographs.


Timgad, Algeria


Dating back to Roman times, Timgrad is a UNESCO world heritage site. Emperor Trajan laid out the city for the enjoyment of the public over two thousand years ago. Today, it offers the ideal getaway for those who love classics.


Verona, Italy


Fair Verona is where Shakespeare set his most famous tragedy. The Veronese today are familiar with Romeo and Juliet and Two Gentlemen of Verona. Residents offer lots of fun for those who want to see this city as Shakespeare saw it a few hundred years ago. Take a walk through the city center and watch a play at the city’s ancient Roman amphitheater. Afterward, you and your intended can grab a romantic northern Italian sunset dinner in celebration. 


The location where your marriage proposal takes place is something many people put a lot of thought into. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a familiar place close to home – and there’s an argument to be made these are the best places to propose – there’s also nothing wrong with dreaming of a proposal someplace as special and unforgettable as your love.