Don’t Forget These Important Items When Packing for Vacation

If there’s one thing about going on vacation that can be pretty tedious it’s packing. Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or a long-distance trip for a few weeks, trying to remember everything you’ll need while you’re away is almost impossible. Even with a checklist, you wind up leaving something home. Of course, there are some items that you can easily purchase or simply do without. However, there are some things that are so essential that leaving home without them could ruin your whole trip. 




You should never leave home for vacation without double-checking that you have the proper identification. If you’re traveling domestically, this would simply require you to have your driver’s license available. Not only is it necessary for operating a vehicle, but you’ll likely need it to check-in at the hotel, and your identification may be required at retail stores. 


For those traveling internationally, you also want to make sure you have your passport with you or else you could find yourself unable to board the plane or stuck in a foreign country. When packing these items, make copies and place them in your suitcase. This way, if they are lost or stolen you have a backup. 


Cash and Credit Cards


Imagine getting to your destination only to realize that you have no money? Making purchases of any kind becomes impossible. Credit cards are also the easiest payment method to use when going out of the country. Not only do you want to make sure that you have your credit cards, but you’ll also need some cash. Should your cards get lost or stolen, you want to have means to pay for things while you figure out an alternate solution. 




For those with preexisting medical conditions, traveling without your medications could seriously ruin your trip. Not all medications are accessible in other places and being without it puts your health at risk. Have your prescriptions filled prior to leaving for vacation. Other medications you might take with you might include pain meds, allergy medicine, or something for an upset stomach just in case you need them. 


Medical Supplies


If you’re traveling with a disability or other medical condition you don’t want to leave home without the appropriate medical supplies. Things like your cane, crutches, orthopedic shoes, breathing machines, etc. are essential to your wellbeing. Without them, getting around, treating your condition, or simply being comfortable is nearly impossible. 


Power Cords and Chargers


Just about everyone travels with mobile devices these days. Whether it’s you’re cell phone, tablet, laptop, or some other device, the idea is to be able to use them. If, however, you forget to pack your power cords and chargers, once the batteries die, you’re out of luck until you can find a store and purchase them. 




Here’s the one you may not have realized you needed to pack – snacks. If you’ve ever traveled before you know that things like traffic jams, flight delays, and layovers can have you waiting for hours with nothing to eat. If there’s no place for you to grab a quick bite, you’re stuck with hunger pains until you get to your destination. Bring along a few healthy snacks to ensure your tummy stays satisfied. 


Other Essentials


There are a few other basic essentials you might not want to forget to pack. For instance, you don’t want to forget to pack toiletries. This is especially true if you have to use a certain kind of lotion, shampoo, or conditioner due to health conditions. If you used to smoke and switched to vaping to quit smoking, you should probably pack your vape pen just in case they’re not easily accessible where you’re going. Any other essentials that are vital to your health and/or comfort while on vacation should be added to your packing checklist. 


As you can see, leaving your bathing suit or sunscreen at home might not be a big deal, but forgetting any of the above-mentioned items on your trip would certainly leave you in a bit of a pickle. To avoid such a disaster, be sure to add these items to your checklist and recheck everything before leaving home.