A Q&A About Disability Benefits for Veterans

How long do your disability benefits last as a veteran?

If you have served in the United States military and as a result, have gained a service-related disability, you are entitled to disability benefits. And technically speaking, you should be able to claim these benefits until your death or until you are no longer disabled.


How much do you receive?

The amount you receive in disabled veteran benefits depends upon the disability ranking you receive. All disabled veterans are given a percentage ranking from 0%-100%. Depending on how highly your score on this ranking system will determine the benefits and the amount you will receive. To obtain your classification, you must provide documentation of your condition and supporting evidence that it was caused during or as a result of your service. For more information on the VA disability claims list click the link.


How long do you receive your benefits for?

After you have been ranked by the VA, you are eligible to claim any benefits that befit your level of disability for as long as you still have the disability. Sometimes you may have to undergo re-evaluation in order to make sure your disability ranking has not increased or decreased.


If, at any point, you gain additional diseases or disabilities after you have already been evaluated, you may form a VA214138, and this will allow you to apply for a disability ranking increase.


When does the VA ask to re-evaluate your rating?

All veterans may have to provide medical proof within six months of leaving service, then again between every 1 and 6 years. This happens when the veteran has a disability, which may have improved. If there is significant improvement in the disability, the VA may choose to lower the rating given to the veteran.


Lifelong Disabilities

If a veteran has been evaluated and found to have a condition that is not likely to ever improve, they will not have to go through re-evaluation. Also, if the veteran is 55, and his situation is unlikely to change, he will be exempt from having to go through further evaluation.


Veterans with a 100% disability rating cannot have that rating reduced except in extraneous situations. It would require an extensive evaluation proving that the veterans’ life has had a serious material improvement. This means an improvement in his disability and in his mental state.


Also, if a veteran has been receiving the same percentage disability benefits for 20 years or more, they cannot have their rating reduced. So if someone has been receiving 20% rating benefits for over 20 years, they cannot be reduced to 10%.


Can Disability Benefits be revoked?

In very rare cases, a veteran will have all Disability Benefits removed. This usually only happens if it is proven that the veteran has made fraudulent claims to gain benefits or a higher rating in the benefits system. In these cases, he is stripped of all benefits and loses all rights to claim any and all benefits offered to veterans for the rest of their lives.


In extremely rare cases, veterans may have their benefits removed if it is proven they have committed treason or found guilty in assisting an enemy of the state.