A Quick Guide On What to do if Your Flight Gets Cancelled

Getting notified of a cancelled flight is the last thing any traveller would want but then, it happens, due to different reasons that are sometimes beyond the airline’s control. It could be due to aircraft technical problems, extreme weather conditions, strikes, and more. While you don’t wish to encounter this at any time at all, what do you do if it eventually happens?

Most people get agitated without knowing the next steps to take, as they are uninformed. A lot of people do not know that they could be entitled to cancelled flight compensation in the event that it ever happens. 

This quick guide is to let you know what to do if your flight gets cancelled. 

1. Contact the Airline Right Away

Immediately you get notified of the cancellation, the first thing to do is to contact the airline. This is especially important if you are yet to get an official notification from them directly. Ideally, in a situation like this, everyone gets a rebooked flight and you may want to confirm that immediately if no arrangements have been made yet. You may also want to express other concerns with the airline, as will be discussed in other points below.  

2. Review Your Itinerary

Plans could easily get disrupted as a result of a cancelled flight. To find your way out of this, take your time to review your itinerary. Were you supposed to take a connecting flight and you might miss it as a result of this cancellation? If the connecting flight was booked with the flight that was cancelled, you could easily get rebooked on another flight with no extra cost charged. On the other hand, if it was booked differently, whether or not it is the same airline, it might be a great loss to you. You will want to consider all of these to know your next move.

3. Decide

After reviewing your itinerary, you have to make a decision, which would be in line with the options already provided by this airline. This includes getting a rebook or a refund if rebooking doesn’t work for you. You may also want to decide on the next action to take that would be in your favor, including what you are entitled to in the form of compensation.

4. Get Some Compensation

Most people do not know their rights to cancelled flight compensations, so they end up waiving their rights without realizing they ever had one. If the cancellation is the airline’s fault, you should be compensated and could get up to €600 in cash. This is in addition to getting a rebook or a full refund. This is under the EU regulation, EC 261, which only applies if you are flying from Europe or your flight to Europe is with a European airline. You can easily check how much compensation you are entitled to by using the AirHelp tool.


This quick guide is to help you if your flight ever gets cancelled. You now know the steps to take if it ever happens to you or perhaps it is your current situation and you are looking for a way out.  It’s easy to get agitated but more importantly, know your rights.