5 Year-Round Accessible Holiday Ideas For Adventurous Travellers

As you’ll know if you’re a regular on my blog, I love travelling, seeing new places and immersing myself in enticing new cultures. 

It can sometimes be hard to come up with inventive new ideas for places to go and things to see when you’re in a wheelchair, especially as many travellers face challenges such as inaccessible transport, a lack of activities they can actually enjoy and other problems.  

Throughout the year, there are many different trips organised, but often it can be hard to find ones that will accommodate wheelchair users. In recent years this has gotten better, and now there are a range of different accessible options that can help you to get out and see more of the world, if you know where to look for them. 

So, if you’re looking for some exciting accessible holiday ideas to keep you safe and give you the thrills you’re seeking, read on to find out more. 

Accessible Holidays For Autumn 

Check Out Oktoberfest

A unique festival filled with cultural insight, enticing activities and tasty treats, the official Oktoberfest event, hosted annually in Munich, has a variety of accessible features, meaning that you can enjoy this fun and friendly festival comfortably. Many of the activities at the event, including the Ferris wheel, ghost trains and bumper cars are accessible, meaning that you can really get into the spirit of this invigorating Bavarian tradition and not feel like you’re missing out on anything. 

Accessible Holidays For Winter

Enjoy Thrilling Winter Sports

Winter sports are a tradition among many able-bodied travellers, but they can be a challenge when you’re in a wheelchair. Thankfully there are now loads of resorts and holiday providers offering accessible winter sports holidays, meaning that you can enjoy these thrilling activities safely. Staysure offer a guide to accessible winter sports resorts, which will help you to find the perfect snowy escape to suit you and give you the chance to experience these exhilarating activities for yourself. 

Accessible Holidays For Spring

Attend A St Patrick’s Day Parade

St Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland, and the country’s capital city Dublin hosts an annual parade which can be viewed from a number of accessible vantage points, allowing those in wheelchairs to join in the fun. There are also other parades around the world, for example in New York, London and Sydney, meaning that you can see this beautiful spectacle in a wide variety of different locations, depending on your preference. 

Accessible Holidays For Summer

Try Bungee Jumping In Your Wheelchair

Sounds improbable I know, but with the right events coordinator even thrill seekers in wheelchairs can enjoy the unforgettable experience that is bungee jumping. This activity might take a bit of planning, but if you want to see a new place and enjoy a breath-taking adventure, then planning a wheelchair bungee jump is definitely worth the effort. 

Accessible Holidays Option For Any Time Of Year

Take An American Road Trip

The road trip is a traditional experience for many, and being expansive, diverse and extremely beautiful, America is one of the most renowned destinations to take one across. You might think that it’d be a challenge to do this in a wheelchair, but you’d be surprised how many facilities, accommodations providers and even national parks are accessible to wheelchair users, meaning that you can see everything that this incredible continent has to offer. 

Never let anything stop you from having fun and seeing new sights! Use this list as a guide to find the accessible holiday that suits you, no matter what time of year it is.