6 Tips For Successful Wheelchair Camping

Camping is an amazing experience and any contact with nature will leave you feeling like a new person. If you are a wheelchair user, there is no reason you can’t enjoy a good camping trip. All it takes is a little extra preparation and research. Here are some great tips that can help you with the preparations.

Equip Yourself

Good equipment is important for any kind of camping trip or outdoor trek. Having a few essentials with you like a flashlight, a good torch lighter, a map or even a compass is expected. But if you are a wheelchair user, you will need to bring some additional things with you. You will need extra parts for your wheelchair, especially the more fragile ones. You don’t want to get caught unprepared if your chair gets damaged. Also, be sure to bring a first aid kit and all of your prescription medication. Don’t be afraid to overpack, the bigger the bag, the smaller the worry. 

Plan Your Trip

If you are a wheelchair user, you should plan your camping trip carefully. There are plenty of things that can happen on any kind of journey and even though it might be a little tedious you should try to plan ahead for all of them. You shouldn’t let this discourage you from going on a great camping trip, because it will be well worth the effort. The most important thing if something does happen is not to panic. Always have your phone with you, and there will usually be other people around you. Be positive in every situation and focus on having a great time. 

Camp Sites

There are plenty of campsites in beautiful locations that have accommodations for wheelchair users. Make sure to spend some time researching these places on the internet and going to forums or social networks. You can get a lot of useful information this way. Use the experiences of people that went there before you. If you are not the type of person who likes sleeping in tents, there are other options available like renting camping houses, cabins or RVs.

Travel in a Group

It is best to go camping with your friends or a camping group. There are a lot of organizations and groups online that organize nature trips for wheelchair users. Traveling with a group of people makes any kind of journey safer. Not only is it good to have some company but other people can be a great support and can help out with setting up camp and getting over difficult terrain. Use the opportunity to create some memorable experiences with your old friends or meet some new ones.

Quality Tents

If you want to stay in a tent, it is usually the best option to get a tent made especially for wheelchair users. These tents feature larger entrances and a tougher floor which can resist the rubbing of the chair’s wheels. They are also designed with the wheelchair user in mind, making them more convenient to set up or take down as needed. If you wish, you could use a regular tent with some modifications but this option will always have some difficulties. 

Wheelchair Accessible Trails

If you like going into nature, it is a good idea to find out which campsites feature wheelchair accessible trails. These trails should not be too narrow or steep and their surface should be smooth. If you go on a trail, be sure to wear a seatbelt for your wheelchair. It will keep you in your chair if it gets damaged or bends on the rough terrain. There are a lot of beautiful, scenic trails that are labeled as wheelchair accessible. Go online and check them out.