8 Features of a Winning Travel Essay

Nothing is as pleasurable as traveling, visiting a new place for the first time, or returning to the place you love. But what if you could make money out of traveling and enjoy your life even more? 

You might go somewhere for your work or visit your family and friends. They’re all enjoyable means that help you feel relaxed. Also, your travels are made up of great stories that are interesting to others. They can use your experiences when they’ll travel to the same place. So, why not share your experiences with them?

Writing your travel stories improves your general writing skills and allows you to work as professionally as essay writers. What can be better than earning money from traveling? If you’re a traveler, you should follow the tips below before starting working as an essay writer for blogs or as a freelancer.   

Make up Interesting Stories 

A trip is always a series of events. Not all of these events are exciting to your reader unless you tell the story amazingly. 

The story about reserving a plane ticket can be interesting, but only if you tell it right. As a travel writer, you should be able to make every small moment real so that the reader can imagine being there with you.  

Essay writing services mostly hire writers who have mastered the art of storytelling. 

Achieve a Certain Goal in Your Story

During all trips, you have a specific goal like reaching the top of a mountain or visiting an ancient village over the sea. In this case, the reader sticks with you to see whether you achieved your goal or not. Therefore, the story has a direction. You should only follow the flow.

But most trips don’t have a specific goal. You’re going to discover a new place, talk with native people, taste their food, and see how they live. In this case, talk about your personal goal before telling the story. For example, you can start the story with “I’m going to discover this or that”. This way, the reader will have an idea of what’s going to happen and will probably be more interested. 

Write a Powerful First Paragraph   

The first paragraph is extremely important to grab the reader’s attention. No matter in what tone you start the article (e.g., humor, drama, or a pleasant event), you should attract them and motivate to keep reading and follow you to the end of the story. 

Create Your Personal Voice

Your voice is what sets you apart from other writers. Try to create an exciting voice for yourself, which means unique words or sentences you use while writing. The voice should be consistent in every piece of text you write. This way, the reader can identify your articles and decide to read them. Writing services online, for example, try to hire writers with a unique writing voice.

Create an Organized Writing

A well-written essay has a logical flow. Before starting to write your essay, create an outline of what you’re going to write about. Start with an exciting paragraph that catches your readers’ attention, cover the outline you created, and then finish it with a memorable ending.   

Provide Enough Information 

As a travel writer, you’re supposed to tell the story of your trips, but the reader wants to know more. For instance, you can google the place’s history, culture, attractions, historical buildings, foods, language, and any other particular info about it. So, don’t rely only on your experiences. It might take a lot of time to research, but it’s worth it. Even a fast essay writing service asks writers to research everything carefully before they start putting words on the paper.    

Follow the Rules of Grammar

For a piece of writing to be great, it has to correspond to all the grammar rules. Thus, as a traveler who wants to make money by writing, do your best to improve your grammar. No matter whether you’re going to work as a freelancer or get a part-time writing job in a company, you should be a master in writing.

End with a Captivating Paragraph

A memorable ending is an asset for every kind of writing, and travel essays are not an exception. The ending paragraph is the last words your audience will read. If that impresses the reader, they’re more likely to follow you on social media and wait for your future pieces.  

Bottom Line

Traveling is an enjoyable activity for any person at any age. When you go to a foreign place, you can understand your own world better. You’ll also get a close look at how others live and what they believe in. Remember that nobody has the same experience as you at the same time and place. So, use your writing skills to write down anything you see or feel in detail. To write a valuable travel story, follow the tips mentioned above.