Expert Travel Hacks for Students on a Budget

It’s hard to find students who don’t like traveling. Journeys help broaden overview, meet new people, get new emotions, and explore new countries. Unfortunately, traveling can be very expensive. 

If you’re a student who doesn’t want to spend your holidays sitting in a room and watching TV shows or playing video games, check out expert travel hacks for students below and go explore new countries. 

Plan Thoroughly

If you have a small budget, it’s crucial to plan everything. You have to plan every day of your trip, including expenses on living, transportation, nutrition, and other activities. During your journey, you need to follow your plan thoroughly. However, you should always have some spare money in case of an unexpected issue. 

Find the Cheapest Routes

There are always a few ways to reach a final destination. In most cases, travelers choose among the fastest and the cheapest ways. In case of a limited budget, don’t be afraid to compromise on comfort and travel time to save your money. 

To find the cheapest ways to get to the desired place, use mobile applications like Rome2rio, MapQuest, or Google Maps. 

Look for Promotions

These days, a lot of companies have promo offers to attract more clients. Look for promotions to catch a cheap flight ticket or a travel tour. Feel free to download mobile applications that send notifications about new promo offers for tourists to stay updated. 

Book in Advance

If you want to save your money, you should always book tickets in advance. For instance, some transport companies sell tickets twice cheaper if you purchase them a week before departure. Therefore, if you have a well-planned journey, you can purchase return tickets for the price of a one-way pass. 

Choose Cheap Countries

One of the best ways to save money is to choose cheap countries for traveling. As an illustration, you can purchase a coffee cup in Portugal for less than $1. However, in Norway, you will need to pay more than $6 for the same mug of coffee. Using this comparison, you can see how much you can save, choosing cheap countries. 

If you don’t want your college assignments to bother you during your journey, feel free to delegate them to professionals. Check out an essay writing platform via this link – if you don’t know a reliable service. 

Use Public Transport

Taxi drivers always expect tourists near the exit of transport stations. To not spend half of your budget at the beginning of your journey, always look for public transport. It’s easy to use it in most cities thanks to apps that build routes and show buses’ or trams’ location in live time. 

Eat for Cheap

There is nothing complicated to find an expensive restaurant for tourists in the center of most travel cities and pay over $20 for a pizza. In case of a limited budget, try to explore eateries for locals that offer tasty meals for fairy prices. 

Alternatively, you can buy food in local markets and cook it in a hostel. Most of them offer free access to a shared kitchen for free.

Find Free Activities

Before going to a new country, research to create a list of free activities. For instance, some countries offer free access to museums or public events. 

Also, a lot of cities offer travel cards that provide unlimited access to attractions and allow travelers to use public transport for free. 

Try Staying For a Night for Free

The worldwide community of travelers can help you stay for a night in a new country for free. For instance, you can use the CouchSurfing website where you can find a volunteer who can host you for one or a few nights for free. 

Alternatively, you can place an ad on local ad-boards offering cleaning, lawn care, or gardening services to stay for a night for free.

If you have a great college score, feel free to help other students who have the question, “Who can do my hw for me?” in their minds. Don’t be shy to ask for a free stay in return.

Get Travel Insurance

One thing that you should never compromise before going on a voyage is travel insurance. For sure, in some countries, medical services are free. However, in others, healthcare can be extremely expensive. To not lose all your money in case of an unexpected issue or health problem, you should always have travel health insurance. 

Final Tip

If you experience a lack of money to explore the world, don’t be afraid to earn some during your trip. Grab a laptop and complete some gigs for money online. For instance, you can write college papers on a long trip by train and earn some money remotely. Also, you can spend evenings in your hostel working online to cover living expenses.