Motorhome Destination Guide For UK in 2021

Motorhomes and campervans are widely recognised as the best way to travel across the country and explore your surroundings. So why bother yourself with figuring out how to circumvent travel restrictions when you can go across the UK and see every hidden corner instead?

If you happen to have your own motorhome, what are you waiting for, for the Queen’s sake? And if you are only planning on acquiring one, it is better to determine a list of motorhome manufacturers and then choose the one that will meet your needs. You can also give it a try by renting one for your first trip!

Here are a few ideas for where you might get going with your motorhome no matter whether it is a weekend getaway or a few days road trips. 

The Lake District

The Lake District is not just a National Park. Time stops here, and you get the opportunity to be left alone with nature. The whimsical lines of the local landscape, the emerald green of fields and meadows, and the beautiful and pure lake water will not leave you indifferent even if you are an ardent fan of the urban lifestyle.

There is a tourist centre in the village of Brockhole where you can get a map of routes for independent walks, or buy a tour. The largest and one of the most important tourist locations is Keswick, placed in the Northern part of the park. The small village of Ambleside, which is famous for its hospitable guesthouses, cosy restaurants and colourful pubs, should also end up on your list.

The Western part of the park is dotted with many observation points that offer unforgettable panoramic views. The Lake District is full of options for outdoor activities as well as local sightseeing (such as the Pencil Museum), so your trip here can be adjusted to any preferences.


Cornwell must be the most magical and fantastic place to visit in the UK, associated with tales of King Arthur or Tristan and Isolde, as well as works of Daphne du Maurier that are infused with love for those places. If you are heading there just for the weekend, make sure to prepare a comprehensive list of places to visit, as Cornwell is so exciting that there is a big chance to go astray trying to absorb every grain of sand in this area.

This destination is perfect in any season as it offers long beach walks, subtropical gardens, local gastronomic delicacies, and fishing towns. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Cornwell has a delightful climate and many sunny days that have a great impact on the growth of various tropical plants. If you are a botanical lover or aim to freshen your mind, you should indeed visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan, located near the St. Austell town.

There is no need to fly anywhere for a vacation on the coast as you can find this in Cornwell too! Visit the seaport town of St. Ives or Penzance that is located near the English Channel. Those places are full of stylish and old fashioned restaurants, outstanding beaches and campsites with unique views.


“You see, because [Norfolk is] stuck out here on the east, on this hump jutting into the sea, it’s not on the way to anywhere. People going north and south, they bypass it altogether. For that reason, it’s a peaceful corner of England, rather nice. But it’s also something of a lost corner.”

This is how the Nobel Price-winning author Kazuo Ishiguro described Norfolk, and perhaps it cannot be put in any other words. If it made you think that Norfolk is an unremarkable and abandoned place, you couldn’t be more wrong. But it is indeed a very calm and serene place, stuffed with antique shops, tiny restaurants, and secondhand bookstores located near Thetford and Breckland forests. 

This destination is perfect for a weekend getaway but will also be suitable for those who need to take a break from rowdy cities and have a moment to slow down a little bit.

To Sum Up

Travelling with a motorhome is an excellent opportunity to see all of those significant and astonishing places described by British authors, and put yourself in your favourite character’s shoes. But if you are not keen on literary wanderings, you will still be able to find attractions in any destination you choose!

Even the smallest towns and villages have their tourist centres, where you can find outdoor activities to appeal to your tastes, and some of them will surprise you with local discoveries. It is also a perfect opportunity for a change of scenery, reconnecting with nature and having some time far from the madding crowd.

Travelling in a campervan allows you to stay only in those places you consider attractive (make sure you park in an appropriate area or look for camping sites) and move forward any time you want to. You can create a list of must-see places in the destination you chose, or just rely on your freedom to see everything that comes across!