Ways to Save Money When Traveling to Europe

Europe is a wonderful vacation destination. The continent boasts a remarkable variety, with some of the most amazing cuisines in the world, a stunning array of rich cultural traditions, and history that is unrivaled almost anywhere else in the world.

However, traveling in Europe can be expensive. Life in many of the big cities like London and Paris can be extremely pricy, and costs for travel, food, and accommodation can easily stack up.

Luckily, there are a bunch of ways to make traveling in Europe less tough on the wallet. Read on, and discover some of the best ways to save money when traveling to Europe.

Try alternative forms of travel

Although there are cheap flights available, flying around Europe adds up quickly. Train travel can also be expensive if you buy individual tickets, but for anyone looking to spend a bit of time exploring across Europe, the Interrail/Eurail scheme is perfect. This gives you unlimited train travel across the whole continent for a specific period of time, perfect for ticking the must-see cities off your list.

It is also worth considering taking to the water to see another side of Europe. Visit top European destinations by taking a cruise from Croatia, with Greece, Italy, and the rest of the Mediterranean just waiting to be discovered. A cruise helps you save on accommodations and visit several destinations in one go, making it extremely cost-effective.

Head east

While the big cities in the west like Rome, London, Madrid, and Amsterdam are extremely expensive (and don’t get us started on Scandinavia!), if you head east, you can find the same level of fascinating culture and rich history on a far cheaper budget. Places like Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, and Hungary offer stunning architecture, fabulous museums, and wonderful scenery, with some excellent food and drink options as well. If you are really keen on western Europe, Portuguese cities like Lisbon and Porto are far more budget-friendly than similar spots in Spain and France, and are pretty darn gorgeous.

Do your research

Museums, galleries, and other attractions in European cities often offer discounts or even free entry on certain days of the week or at certain times during the month. You can also often save money on certain attractions or entry fees if you book online in advance. 

Look for passes

Plenty of European cities have city-wide passes for things like transport or museum and gallery entry. Passes can provide discounts, special offers, money-off coupons, or even free entry. The London Pass, the Amsterdam Pass, and the Barcelona Pass can all help you save money if you plan to visit a few attractions in any one city.

Give hostels a try

Most older travelers tend to avoid hostels, seeing them as dives full of 20-something backpackers and overcrowded dorm rooms. But hostels in Europe can often be a different matter, with reasonably priced private rooms, excellent restaurants and bars, and a great ambiance. While they are unlikely to offer luxury, if you are looking for clean and comfortable lodgings then hostels in Europe can be a great choice!