How to Make Your RV Park More Accessible for Wheelchair Users

People from all walks of life are adopting the RV lifestyle, and it’s no wonder considering all the freedom and adventures that come with it. RV parks are the ultimate campground for those exploring different parts of the country. The best parks in the world are accessible to everyone. They consider mobility issues and provide assistance to make the RV lifestyle easier for wheelchair users visiting their park. 

Suppose you own an RV park or plan to get in on this profitable business. In that case, there are several prerequisites to take into account when building your park to ensure it’s accommodating for everyone. On that note, here’s how you can make your RV park accessible for wheelchair users. 

Create Wheelchair Pathways 

All the walkways in your park, including the self-guided trails and fishing sites, require a minimum of one wheelchair-accessible pathway, so people with disabilities can roam about the campground as they wish. You want to create an element of freedom for your guests to explore the grounds; the last thing they’ll want is to have to be escorted wherever they want to go. Make it easy for them to embark on their own adventures to make the most of their holiday. 

Offer Wheelchair Rentals

The RV lifestyle can entail its own set of surprises and challenges. You can ensure your business is ahead of the curve by being ready to resolve any issues your guests may face. Rent out wheelchairs to customers, so their vacation isn’t ruined if they have no other means of getting around the campground. It will also allow them to preserve their wheelchairs if they travel on rough trails. 

RV parks are perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs who love discovering nature and meeting new people. You get to welcome holidaymakers and provide them with entertainment, comfort, and convenience. There are many benefits to starting an RV park since it appeals to everyone; families with children of all ages, seniors, campers, among others. This type of business can also expand to different parts of the country. It can gain even more popularity if set up close to popular attractions, state parks, or the countryside for those on rural retreats.  

Offer Mobility Facilities 

From wheelchair slopes throughout the clubhouse of a park to additional removable ones for those exiting and entering their RVs, it’s important to provide all amenities to improve the customers’ stay. Consider the necessary facilities, such as mobility equipment, to ensure that vacationers aren’t disappointed or that their expectations weren’t met after traveling a long way. After all, it wouldn’t be fair for them to come all the way and have their adventure result in too many restrictions because your park wasn’t prepared. 

To build a popular, one-of-a-kind park, you must put enough effort into making your visitors’ stay easy, enjoyable, and hassle-free. So, do your research to provide large enough bathrooms to accommodate wheelchairs, and learn about the many amenities you can include to ensure those with disabilities can fulfill their dreams of cruising on a boat, riding down horse trails, and basking in the glory of Mother Nature.