7 Highly Recommended Tourist Attractions In Hawaii

Hawaii is consistently ranked as a top tourist destination due to its beautiful scenery, aloha spirit, breathtaking beaches, and exciting events. There are endless places to see and locations to visit in Hawaii. Here are our 7 top recommended spots to unwind, chill, and break from the daily grind. 

1) Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Hanauma Bay is a protected bay that was formed inside a volcanic crater on the island of Oahu. However, There were restoration efforts to bring the bay to its former splendor after overuse caused contamination and disruption to the coral environment. Now, this bay is open once again to tourists and is a very popular snorkeling destination. There are many snorkeling rental shops offering classes to tourists so that they can see the beautiful underwater reef system and its inhabitants. Also, the Hanauma Bay Education center is a perfect location to learn about the bay.

2) Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast is one of Hawaii’s most attractive regions with its sharp emerald cliffs, its green valleys, and distant cascading waterfalls. Without a visit to the magical coastline, no visit to the island is complete. The Na Pali Coast is only explored in three ways – by air, sea, and on foot – with a special viewpoint. One of the best Kaui things to do is to take a trip to Kokee National Park to see Na Pali from above the Kalalau valley for a view. Most tours come from the West coast of Port Allen, and several tour operators take place in the summer from Hanalei Bay on the North Coast of Kauai. You get to witness this stunning island and book an airplane tour or a helicopter tour on the Napali Coast for a truly incredible experience on one of the world’s best shorelines.

3) Waimea Canyon State Park

Waimea Canyon is commonly recognized as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific on the Western side of the island. It is ten kilometers in length, has a depth of 3,600 feet, and is around a mile deep. This dramatic spectacle is better seen from Puu Ka Pele and Puu Hinahina. Rock strata appear in the scenery of the canyon in different shades and multiple breathtaking cascades. Also, guided tours are available along with a variety of exciting river walkways and rafting tours. Additional trails for all levels of expertise are offered in neighboring Kokee State Park.

4) Hamakua Heritage Corridor

This scenic route along the Hamakua River coasts from Hilo to Hawaii Big Island’s Waipio Valley Lookout. Along the way, there are several top Big Island attractions in addition to the stunning views of the coast and the green countryside of the area, making this an excellent tour. The Onomea Scenic Drive passes by Onomea Bay and Hawaii’s famed natural Gardens, with over 2,000 tropical plant species. The road goes north past Akaka Falls 442-foot and its sister Kahuna Falls and then the World Botanical Gardens, where a triple waterfall is located, called Umauma Falls, as well as Mauna Kea.

5) Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea, the highest peak in Hawaii, is a world far from the below tropical paradise on the big island in Hawaii. The top is always very cold, with snow in the winter months, and can only be reached by  4WD vehicles. The Mauna Kea Observatory is an active resource that attracts visitors in the morning. There is also a six-mile path that goes up to 13,800 meters from the Visitor Information Station, that only expert hikers can try to reach the top.  Evening programs are also common with visitors and residents in the visitor center which is about 9,200 feet away.

6) Fern Grotto

The Fern Grotto can only be reached by boat or kayak and is located about two miles up the Kauai Wailua Canal, Hawaii’s only waterfront. The grotto is a cave with lush ferns that grow on the cave walls due to moisture extracted from sugar cane drainage on the plateau of the cliff. Bring your camera for this tropical valley provides many chances for photography you won’t want to miss.

7) Kona Coffee Farms

Regardless of whether you are a coffee lover or not, take your time to visit at least one coffee farm from hundreds of coffee farms located in Kona. You can check out coffee farms and learn how to treat beans. Also, make sure you are in the historical village of Kailua-Kona in November to visit the Kona Coffee Festival. This is an excellent way to indulge in Hawaiian culture while enjoying live music and entertainment with food and coffee sellers.

Hawaii is certainly a bucket-list destination that has plenty of unique experiences to offer. Not only will you find the traditions and culture amazingly intriguing, but the people are incredibly friendly as well. Now that you know the most highly recommended attractions for tourists, you’re guaranteed to have the vacation of a lifetime. So, include as many as you can in your itinerary, and get ready to experience Hawaii in all its glory.