Qualities You Need to Look For When Buying a Wheelchair

A good wheelchair can increase one’s quality of life exponentially. Whether it is you or a loved one, choosing the right chair will make freedom, comfort, and movement feel seamless. 

Types Of Wheelchairs

There are many types of wheelchairs. As this wheelchair guide explains, each type has its own unique benefits. Therefore, understanding your needs, lifestyle, and budget will make it easier for you to identify the perfect chair for you.

  1. Manual Wheelchairs 

Manual wheelchairs are self-propelled, so the user must have strong arms to operate them. They also have push handles that let someone else move the user around.

  1. Electric Wheelchairs 

Electric wheelchairs provide more freedom since they can be used without any assistance. These are not just good for people with weak arms, but they can help stronger users enjoy longer commutes without struggling

Consider the following factors if you are eying an electric wheelchair:

  • Ease of use – Make sure the controls are easily accessible and responsive. The sensitivity should be within a reasonable range.
  • Safety – Wheelchair safety is crucial, especially with electric chairs. Check whether it has the right safety measures in place.
  • Battery capacity – Is the capacity enough to meet your daily needs? Is the battery efficient?
  1. Portable Chairs 

Portable or folding chairs are ideal for individuals who want something they can store and transport with ease. These chairs are usually lightweight, which is a good thing for portability, but it can also be a drawback since they are not robust.

Portable wheelchairs are normally manual, so they’re not a good fit for someone with weak arms.

Qualities you need to look at are:

Arm and Foot Rests

Arm and leg rests should offer adequate support when you are on the seat. They should also be sturdy enough to support your movement in and out of the seat. You should also check their size and flexibility.

Wheelchair Size

You cannot overlook the dimensions of the wheelchair. You need a chair of the perfect size to make sitting and moving from it an easy task. A small chair will be super uncomfortable, and one that is too big will pose movement issues.

Look at the dimensions of the chair and compare them against your height and weight. Many people make the mistake of not checking the weight capacity before placing their orders. This is an unnecessary complication that, at best, will force you to return the item and incur extra shipping costs. At worst, you will find yourself in the ER treating wheelchair injuries.

Back Support

A wheelchair should offer adequate back support to make you comfortable and meet your unique medical needs. Depending on your condition, your doctor may recommend a particular type of back support. Therefore, it’s imperative to consult a physician beforehand if you have a severe medical issue.

Some wheelchairs also allow you to tilt the back support. This great feature allows you to switch between different positions.


Do you expect to move outdoors in your wheelchair? If so, make sure the wheels are durable enough to withstand the rough outdoor terrain.

The grip of the wheels is also vital, especially if you live in a wet area.

A good wheelchair should meet your medical needs, give you more freedom, and keep you comfortable. There are many incredible chairs out there coming at different price points, so you don’t need to make any compromises.