Things To Consider When Traveling With A Wheelchair

Traveling with a wheelchair can have its disruptions. Whether or not you like to travel long-haul or locally, there are some things that you will want to consider before heading off. To make your trip run smoothly, here is what you need to think of when traveling with a wheelchair. 


Transport link accessibility

No matter if you want to travel via plane, Limousine, bus, or car, you will want to ensure that the transport is wheelchair-friendly. Having enough space will ensure your trip can be comfortable. Planning ahead for what transport links you are going to use will ensure that each mode of transport will be suitable for you and your needs.

The accommodation

You will want to ensure wherever you are staying is wheelchair accessible. Some accommodations may lack wheelchair-friendly features, such as lifts. Other features that you need to consider are bathrooms, as some are small are not suitable for wheelchair users. 

Book in advance

Some transportation, activities, and accommodations will only have a small wheelchair space. Thus, booking in advance will guarantee you space. Before the trip, it might be worth calling to double-check that they are prepared for your arrival. This will give you peace of mind and allow the place to have enough time to prepare to ensure you have a smooth experience.

Familiarize yourself with travel procedures

If you do not travel often but want to go on a trip outside of your comfort zone, it will help to familiarize yourself with the procedures before you go. For instance, some airplane travel involves layovers, which may require you to change from a large passenger plane to a smaller one. Thus, you will want to ensure both have wheelchair accessibility. Ensuring you understand the procedures will mean you are familiar will what will occur. 

Let any activity reservation team know what assistance you will need

Traveling often involves lots of activities. If you plan to partake in some, let your booking agent know about your circumstances and what assistance you may need for arrival and throughout your time there. 

Arrive early

Arriving early to the airport, or however you are traveling, will always ensure you are on time and can help you avoid being stressed. Being in a wheelchair can often take longer to get through security and onto the plane. Thus, getting there early will get you plenty of time to get through the airport and not miss your flight. 


Many travel destinations offer wheelchair rentals, which can be beneficial if the place does not meet the standards for your personal wheelchair. For instance, some places may not be accessible for power wheelchairs. Thus, renting a manual wheelchair may make your travel smoother and more comfortable.

Traveling with a wheelchair does not mean your fun and experience should be hindered. It just involves a little more pre-planning to ensure that your trip is smooth and comfortable. A simple check of accessibility and wheelchair-friendly features can make your trip suitable for you and your needs.