Going Outdoors Soon? Here Are The Top Items You Should Bring Along

The last stretch of spring is here and summer will be coming soon. For adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, now is the perfect time to plan and prepare for a whole season of outdoor adventures. In most countries, late spring up to late summer is an excellent time to take hikes, go camping, go on nature trips, and other outdoor activities. Camping is a terrific way of getting close to nature and for that, you need the proper gear. Here, we will share the top items you should bring along on an outdoor adventure.

Outdoor Dwelling

Depending on your available resources, your outdoor dwelling can be a tent, swag, or camper trailer. When it comes to convenience, the swag is a popular choice among Australian outdoor enthusiasts and tourists and is also recommended to foreign vacationers or holidaymakers. Having a tent and mattress rolled into one makes your camping easy and safe from the elements. Like tents, there are different kinds of swags available, and there are plenty of guides and recommendations on the best swag you can buy online or at nearby camping stores. Your choice between a traditional and tunnel swag needs to be aligned with the camping style. If you are a biker or hiker who prefers light packing, the traditional swag is a superb choice. If you are a 4WD or motorcycle enthusiast, the tunnel swag can be your best friend. 

Water Bottle

Hydration is essential when venturing outdoors. The longer your trail goes, the more supply of water you’ll need. Make sure to have a large container (at least 3 liters) of water with you and have a stock of fresh potable water ready in your cabin, RV, or vehicle. As an additional safety measure, keep a portable water filter or filtration tablets in case you need to refill from a nearby outdoor water source.

Fire Starter

Your outdoor camping would not be complete without a fire to keep you warm and cozy at night. Flint and steel, fire steel, solid fuel, cigarette lighter, or a waterproof match are some of your options for fire starters. You can pack two fire starters in case one doesn’t work. Also, bring along a fire tinder or a little kindling like strips or paper, wood shavings, or dry bark and place them in waterproof containers. Always observe fire safety procedures when starting a fire outdoors to avoid starting wildfires.

Pocket Knife

One of your most handy survival gear is the pocket knife. There are plenty of things you can do with a knife available during camping. You can use it to trim a rope, sharpen a stick, open cans or sealed packages, skin small animals, tighten screws, slice cheese and sausages, and other essential things. Don’t venture outdoors without this indispensable item. Otherwise, you’ll end up frustrated in your camping.

Map and Compass or GPS

Even the most experienced campers can get lost while hiking or camping in remote areas. If you are camping on a new or unfamiliar site, it pays to have a reliable tool that can serve as your guide for your location and direction. Even if you have camped in the same place before, changes in vegetation, landmarks, and solar position can leave you disoriented or unsure of which direction to take.  Bring a map and compass or a charged GPS for your safety and to avoid wandering or getting lost in the woods or wilderness. 

There are many outdoor essentials you need to prepare and bring on your next outdoor adventure. The wilderness can be challenging for first-time campers to handle, but the right gear can make an excursion more manageable. Survival, fun, and connection with nature are three elements that make any outdoor adventure memorable and worthwhile.