The benefits of a luxury yacht charter holiday

We often see celebrities partying and vacationing on luxury yachts in the media and it is usually assumed that only the most rich and powerful members of society are able to enjoy these types of luxury trips. However, in actual fact yacht charters are now more accessible than ever. 

You do not need to own an expensive boat or even know how to sail one to be able to enjoy a holiday out at sea. Hiring a yacht from a reputable company in your chosen destination is an excellent way to experience this without the stress and expense of owning your own boat. 

You can find out more about chartering a yacht for your next holiday by following this link.

Staying in a hotel or AirBnB is one of the most popular choices for family, couples and groups of friends on holiday. But why not consider chartering a yacht for your next getaway, there are a number of benefits to this type of accommodation?

Here are just some of the advantages of choosing a yacht over more traditional types of holiday bases:

More privacy

There is a reason that yachts are a popular choice of accommodation for celebrities and royalty, they offer seclusion and privacy away from the prying eyes of fans and the press. You also get to choose who to keep as company, there are no other guests like in a hotel invading your personal space, your space is your own to share with your friends, family or crew. 

The peace and tranquility of this isolation can help you to relax and unwind. If you are planning a romantic getaway with a partner, perhaps for an anniversary or honeymoon, a yacht stay will help you to enjoy quality time together.

The opportunity to sail between islands

While you can charter a yacht in almost any destination, if you choose a country or region with many different islands then you can sail between them and explore the cultural sights in each location. Greece, Croatia and the British Virgin Islands are all examples of ideal destinations for island hopping on a yacht.

When staying in a hotel, visitors often find themselves staying within their resort out of convenience. Traveling to destinations on the other side of the island or nearby islands requires planning, catching public transport or hiring a car in advance. When staying on a yacht, you can simply discuss your travel wishes with your skipper and set sail at a time that suits you.

A more flexible itinerary

Following on from this, chartering a yacht generally gives you much more flexibility in your day-to-day itinerary whilst on vacation. You can change your schedule at short notice and visit places that you wish to see in the moment.

Perhaps you fancy escaping to a quiet beach or would like to enjoy a spontaneous visit to a seaside cocktail bar, this is much easier to do from a yacht than in-land accommodation. Hotels often have scheduled activities throughout the day and if staying for more than a week or so these can start to feel a little repetitive.

A more personalised service

If chartering a yacht with a crew and captain, then all the staff on board are there to keep you happy and ensure that you have everything you need to get the most out of your stay. These crew members get to know you and will be accustomed to your likes and dislikes, unlike hotel staff who sometimes have hundreds of customers to cater for.

Often, one of the most memorable aspects of a holiday is the dining experiences you and your companions have. If staying in self-catering accommodation you will need to cook for yourself or find restaurants to dine in, or during a hotel stay you will usually dine at the hotel buffet, which can become a little tedious during longer stays.

Many travellers on yachts will have their very own personal chef to prepare each of their meals while on board. The chef will get to know what types of food you like and will happily introduce you to local delicacies you have not yet experienced.

Personalised services are key to a luxury getaway, they enable travellers to enjoy being treated like a VIP and create special memories.

These kinds of services, tend to go beyond and more to give travellers the best experience ever. For example, specialised services for traveller who required a more accessible way for wheelchairs, for them to be able to enjoy the full experience of sailing and go on board of a yacht. In this scenario these type of services, can be asked beforehand, or in the majority of the situations are “extras” that are already included in the yacht package.

Opportunities for activities and water sports

Lastly, one obvious benefit of staying at sea is the accessibility of water sports and water-based activities. You can wake up, have breakfast and dive straight into the ocean with your snorkel or scuba diving equipment.

If you have hired a larger vessel, you might be able to bring along jet skis and other equipment such as rafts, kayaks and wakeboards. If you like fishing, and have checked out the local fishing laws, your yacht can act as the perfect base to catch a few fish from.

These are just some of the benefits of chartering a yacht. Why not consider this option for your next luxury getaway with family or friends?