4 Life Lessons You Should Master Before You Turn 30

For some, hitting the big 3-0 means onward and upward with little looking back. For others, it is a sentimental time of reminiscing about all that’s happened within the past three decades. Turning 30 is no doubt a milestone for most of us. So, with that in mind, here are a few life lessons to learn before your big day to make sure the next 30 years are just as productive and meaningful.

1. Have the Wisdom to Know When Not to Listen

Throughout your childhood and early adult life, you have most likely had a team of supporters (think parents, teachers, mentors and friends) who have been there to guide you. As you age and your dreams and desires start to cement, it’s important to remember that not everyone will agree with your path. Though they mean well, only you know what’s right for you. As you get older, be grateful that these people care about you, but also be wary of allowing their advice to lead you into living a life that’s not meant for you.

2. How to Manage Your Finances

Your 30s bring about more adult type timelines, especially if you’re thinking about having kids, buying a house, or saving for retirement. In order to pay for college tuition, afford a down payment or invest meaningfully, you need to take the time to really learn about your money. Talking with a financial advisor is a great way to get started, or you could take a more straightforward route and implement a monthly budget to see how your cash flow breaks down each month. Apps like Mint and Money Tracker help you track your financial activity to know exactly when and where you’re spending your money.

3. Get the Right Policies in Place

In your 20s, something like life insurance or a living will may have seemed way too “adult” to worry about. But that was then, and this is now. Things like life insurance are a big part of setting yourself and your family up for a secure future. Especially if you’re an active military member, you need to be confident that your loved ones will be taken care of if something unfortunate happens to you. That’s why companies like USAA offer flexible term life insurance policies to serve the military community. With small monthly payments, options to update your plan, and additional policy benefits such as coverage during war, understanding and obtaining life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated.

4. How to Make Your Health a Priority

Get rid of your bad habits. It sounds so simple, right? Well, of course, we all know it’s not quite that easy, but your 30s are prime time for setting yourself up for a healthier future. You don’t have to evolve overnight but try to let go of the most harmful habits such as poor sleep, excessive drinking and smoking, and binging on junk food to stay away from possible serious health complications later on.

Don’t Let Any Decade Define You

In turning 30, you’ll soon discover some things change, but some things also just stay the same. The best way to embrace this next decade is to balance responsibility and some good old-fashioned fun.