Careers That Allow You to Travel

Most people love to travel. They love to get out of their familiar comfort zones and see all that this incredible world has to offer. Travel, however, can be very expensive. Even so, there are ways that you can see the world while making money with a career that requires traveling.



If you needed an extra incentive to get that Master of Science in Architecture degree you always wanted, then having to travel around the world could be it. Architects often have to go around the world to oversee their projects, and that can mean staying close to their creations for months at a time in some cases. On top of that, designing buildings is a perfect career choice for those who are creatively minded but also like a challenge.



To become a geologist, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree before companies start considering you. Oil and mining companies need geologists to travel across the globe to look for spots that are likely to have oil or gold. You can be sent from one destination to another in a heartbeat and stay for over a month. In addition, BLS statistics put an average geologist’s salary at just under $90,000.

Travel Agent


At first glance, this doesn’t seem like a roving job. You’re probably thinking of the people who sit behind desks and arrange travel for other lucky people who can afford the finer things. In reality, travel agents spend much of their time on the road. Not only are agents required to have some experience as travelers themselves, but they also have to go to hotels, restaurants, and other attractions to see if they are worth recommending to clients.

English Teacher


This is for someone who wants to go to destinations for longer periods of time. Teaching English as a second language requires staying at a job for months at a time, but you are allowed to travel to different destinations once your initial job is finished. You’ll likely need a TEFL certificate, but these only require online training at relatively cheap rates. Some employers will require a college degree, however.

Airline Pilot


Training is extensive since you require both a college degree and 250 hours of experience to get a pilot’s license. On the other hand, the travel opportunities are endless. 66% of pilots work for commercial airliners according to the BLS, and they get to stay at their destinations for two or three days before having to fly home. The remaining 34% fly for transporting cargo, mounting rescue operations hundreds of miles from home or even tracking criminals, all of which require you to travel to new destinations. It also pays well, with an average salary of $105,720.


This is only a small sample of the numerous opportunities that exist for people to make a living while seeing the world. There are also flight attendants, ski instructors, professional chefs and everything in between. You should take a look at your skills, education, and experience to see if you have a potential traveling career in the wings. You never know where you’ll end up.