Getting Past the Physical, Psychological, and Financial Impact of a Car Accident

You consider yourself to be a pretty safe driver. You keep your eyes on the road, buckle up for safety, avoid distractions like cell phones, and follow traffic laws accordingly, but somehow you still ended up in a car accident. The accident was serious leading to significant injuries, lots of time out of work, and a plethora of health and mental issues going forward. How in the world do you get through it all? 


File for Disability Insurance


If the injuries you sustained in the accident were extensive enough that you have to take time off from work (or they’re permanent),  you may be eligible for disability insurance. After exhausting your paid sick and vacation time, you won’t have any money to pay the bills. Disability coverage, however, provides some financial relief so you can continue to provide for your family. 


Consult an Attorney


If the accident was serious enough and no fault of your own you may be entitled to more than your insurance provider offers you for compensation. Talking with an auto accident attorney can give you more specific insight on your case. You could be entitled to receive funds to pay for your medical expenses, time off from work, and future expenses as they relate to the accident and your health. 


Stick With Doctor’s Plan


Your doctor after doing a series of tests and screenings will be able to best determine the course of action for your healing. It is important that you follow the advice of your doctor for the best results. Whether that’s getting surgery, going to physical therapy, taking certain medications, or staying out of work an extended period of time to recuperate, listen. 


Speak With a Therapist


A car accident is a traumatic experience that can also have emotional backlash. You might find that you keep reliving the moment, you might start feeling anxious, stressed by your finances, or sad about your injuries and current circumstances. Keeping all these emotions inside further deteriorates your mental health and hinders your healing and recovery, speaking with a therapist is advised. A therapist will not only listen to your experience, but they can also help you to come to accept your new normal and get past feelings of sadness or depression. 


Have a Talk With Your Family


Auto accidents can impact your entire life – especially your personal life. Your lesser finances make it difficult to afford the things you need, your emotions will have you all over the place, and your injuries will reduce your ability to do certain things which you’ll need your family’s help. Sit down with them and discuss these changes and your needs in full. Offer, if necessary, for them to attend therapy as well so you can adjust to your new normal. Communication keeps everyone on the same page and reduces the stress (which can seriously help you recover faster). 


Take Care of Your Health


As you’re going through all these trials and tribulations stemming from the accident make sure that you take care of your health. Often, people become so emotionally overwhelmed that they stop taking care of themselves, and this only makes the recovery take longer. Make sure you’re eating well-balanced meals, staying hydrated, exercising (as best you can), and keeping up with your hygiene. 


Make Life Comfortable


For some individuals, their injuries are healed within a few weeks or months and they can get back to life as they remember it. For others, however, the outcome is not so lucky. Some are stuck with permanent injuries that can make life a bit more challenging. If you happen to be the latter, now is the time to begin creating a new normal and making your life comfortable. If you need to get a minivan and install a wheelchair ramp, then do that. If you need to reside on the first floor of your home until your mobility improves, rearrange things in the home to make that possible. If you’re handicapped, life doesn’t have to stop there. You can find wheelchair accessible things to do in your town. 


Unfortunately, no matter how safe of a driver you are, there is a chance that you could end up getting in an accident. If the accident is severe enough, it can wreak havoc on every aspect of your life. To maintain your physical and emotional health while also keeping your finances in order, follow the advice above. In doing so you reduce stress, enhance your recovery, and make the best of a terrible circumstance.