3 of the Most Common Accidents While in a Wheelchair

Regardless of the reason why you use a wheelchair, you should still expect the same level of safety and respect that any other person receives. There are several reasons why this may not occur. Regarding respect, it can often be said that a lot of people lack the understanding of living with a disability. Educating individuals is better than engaging in a form of argument, as it can help spread more common courtesy, and ensure that that individual is more respectful and compassionate in the future.

Safety when in a wheelchair, however, can be a different story. There are many ways in which problems can occur, and the blame can come from a number of directions, including yourself. If an accident does occur, the most important point is to assess yourself, or anyone else involved, for injury, and then to investigate the cause of the accident.

Slips and Falls

If you have simply not assembled your wheelchair correctly, or made a mistake when moving from a bed or chair to your wheelchair, then the fall can be put down to your own human error. However, there may be times that a slip or fall is not your fault. One example of this is, when out and about, there could be a wet floor without any appropriate signage, which then causes your wheelchair to slide and fall over, leaving you injured. If this were to occur, you may wish to contact a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer for more information on what to do next. Businesses should always display signs if they have been mopping, or even after heavy rain, as part of their duty of care to all who enter their premises.

Manufacturer Defects

If there is a problem with your wheelchair, it may cause an accident. Some faults may be common, and easily fixable, however, if the fault causes distress or injury, you may need to get back in touch with the providing company for a replacement, as well as to have the cause of the defect investigated. When your wheelchair gives you your freedom to move or go out, it is imperative that it is in good working order, with no room for mistakes. 

Failure to Provide Adequate Access

Some companies may be located on higher floors, or even upstairs. If there is no lift or other wheelchair access, this can make it difficult for you to use their services. Even some buildings may have one or two stairs to allow entry instead of a portable ramp. This can cause accidents, either for those who can walk minimally, or for others trying to lift you, and your wheelchair, up these stairs. Companies are meant to provide ramps or other aids for your use, and sometimes there may also be specifications for minimum lengths or widths. If you live somewhere where these guidelines exist, you may wish to report companies who fail to meet requirements. 

Being a wheelchair user should not mean that you cannot go out and still live your life. Both those who provide your wheelchair and those whose businesses you visit should have measures in place to ensure your safety.