How to Travel With Your Glasses And Contacts

There are plenty of articles out there breaking down everything you should pack for a trip. Don’t forget sunscreen, a light sweater, your phone charger, and a long list of items it claims are essential for having a good time. However, these articles rarely focus on one of the most important items, your prescription eyewear!

For anyone that needs glasses or contacts knows how important these items are to having a good trip. Forget an extra pair of contacts or your glasses case and it will be a constant stressor throughout your trip. 

Consider this list of essential items you should have on you whether you wear glasses or contacts.


If you wear glasses, you will likely be aware of some of these items to bring with you, but there also may be some that you had not considered. Either way, seriously consider each point when determining whether it is essential to your trip.

Glasses Case

For those of us that wear glasses on a daily basis, we may not even use a case! The first thing you do in the morning may be slip on your lenses, while the last thing you do before bed takes them off and sets them on your nightstand. Why need a case? 

Traveling can put you in some pretty strange circumstances and have you in no routine. Say you are on a plane and want to fall asleep. Instead of leaving your glasses on where they are likely to fall off, you drop them in your bag and pray they don’t get bent. 

Having a glasses case on you ensures no matter where you end up, you have a safe space to put your specs. 

Glasses Wet Wipes

There are special wet wipes designed for screens and lenses. This differs from the microfiber cloth that is often included in your glasses case. While the cloth can be useful, it does not remove bacteria, sweat, and makeup well. So you will especially want to bring these if you are traveling to a hot area.

Plus, they can also be used for devices like your phone or laptop!

Pack an Extra Pair

The worst thing that could happen as you travel with a pair of glasses is that they get lost or stolen. While you may have some options if this does happen, you will be a lot better off if you have a second pair on hand. It does not need to be the strongest prescription or even a new pair, just something to hold you over until you can get your full sight restored. 


If you do not bring an extra pair of glasses then it is good to have your prescription on hand. This will be your backup if your glasses get lost or stolen. You can take it to a local glasses store and get a new pair knowing it will restore your sight to what it was prior to you losing your current pair. 

This does not necessarily need to be a printout, having a copy on your phone will work just as well. Worst-case scenario, you can work with your hotel or an internet cafe to have it printed and delivered to a glasses dealer.


Contacts give you a bit more freedom when it comes to those of us who struggle with sight. However, it also does require you to pack more depending on what type of lenses you have. If you have reusable lenses, you likely may think one pair would be good for a short weekend. If you use daily contacts, then you may just plan enough for your trip to save on space.

Either way, consider these tips in packing for your trip.

Pack Extra Pairs

Whether you have daily lenses or long-wear lenses, you should pack a few extra lenses for each eye. Contacts can be tricky and have been known to not do well in water. If you are traveling to a tropical destination and plan on swimming, you may need an extra pair when you lose a lens in the ocean.

The same goes for windy areas or natural areas where your eyes can get watery and react to the pollen in the air. You may find yourself rubbing your eyes a bit more than normal and finding that a fresh pair of contacts is really what you need.

Contact Solution

If you reside in the United States you are likely familiar with the 3 oz. liquid rule when it comes to airplanes. This is not an international rule and may change depending on where you will be flying to. Even if you are flying American airlines to an international destination, the airport may have more (or less) strict standards. For this reason, check the regulations on what and how much liquid you are allowed to carry on a flight. 

If you were considering not bringing any on a flight, it may be worth reconsidering. We have all had that worry that our bag did not make it to our new destination. So packing a small bottle (if allowed) can be the only backup you have when you land and find your luggage has gone missing. 


Just like with glasses it is important to have access to your most recent prescription. This is an ideal backup plan if you find out your luggage was lost or you somehow misplace your contacts. You likely will not have too much of an issue finding a place that sells contacts, so all that is really needed is an accompanying prescription.

Even if you remember your prescription, some optometrists require that you have a doctor’s prescription before giving you the contacts. 

Don’t let forgetting something small, like contact solution, ruin a perfectly good vacation! There are plenty of things you can pack for a trip, but something you definitely should add to your pack list is the right tools needed for perfect sight!